This has to be the handiest iPhone accessory you can easily carry around. It’s a little USB iPhone charger that you can attach to your keychain.

It’s called the flipSYNC and it will charge and/or sync your iPhone while on the road. It’s so small and convenient that it allows you to always have your cable around…

It sells for about $20. You can get one here.

  • TG

    Very handy… I may just pick one up. Perfect for work.

  • Kev

    Seems pricey to me. My power pack came with something similar and wasn’t much more expensive.

  • Robson

    I actually prefer the solar charger case, it’s just like any other iphone case but the back of it a little solar panel, with that I’ll never have to charge my phone again and I fiun it in eBay for 10 bucks, so I can’t wait for it

  • If they made it into a keychain I’d get it for sure!!!

  • Oliverf

    I like it. My biggest concern is will it work with the bumper on. Third party chords seem to never fit right.

  • Kingz

    I used the small solar charger to charge my iphone. Same size and charges from sunlight.

  • Kev

    Unless I’m mistaken this is just a cable. It doesn’t charge unless connected to a laptop or an electric adapter. Pricey.

  • KAY

    What is it plugged into in the photo? The unibody Macbooks only have a CD slot on the right side

    • It’s a MacBook Air and it has a USB port on that side

  • SpideyRules

    I came in thinking this was an extra charging accessory that could hold an extra charge for your phone. Now THAT would be an awesome keychain.

    Don’t really need another charging cable…

  • Nice gyzmo!I must bye one.