A new survey by Credit Suisse shows that only 23% of AT&T customers would be willing to switch to Verizon if the carrier got the iPhone. The good old talk about a Verizon iPhone. Sigh. It seems I am the only believing there won’t be a Verizon iPhone next year.

According to this survey, 23% would switch to Verizon, 3% would switch to Sprint, and only 2% would switch to T-Mobile. 9% are not sure what they would do. If you do the math, that leaves 63% of people staying with AT&T, most likely because they are satisfied…

By combining data from the survey with current subscription rates, Credit Suisse calculated that 1.4 million of AT&T’s iPhone subscribers are at risk of switching to Verizon. According to Credit Suisse, the estimate, which counts for only a small percentage of AT&T’s subscriber base, would have less of an impact on AT&T’s bottom line than previously expected.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am very satisfied with AT&T. They’ve always been very helpful, I rarely (if ever) drop calls, and really, they’re just as evil as any other mobile carrier. Besides, seeing how Verizon customer service treated my fiancee when she decided to end her contract, I would never even consider going with them.

What about you? Would you switch to Verizon if they had the iPhone tomorrow?

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  • Eric

    screw verizon, i hate them!

  • JB Fiend

    I’m curious to know, why do you hate Verizon ?

    Also, I don’t know what stats they used for this survey or what population they used for it, but unless they took a whole number from the whole united states, this survey is already a fail. I doubt people want to pay more $ on AT&T than get a better iPhone on verizon, which will have the fix on the death grip.

    If I could get one on T-Mobile, than even better. Who wants to pay 30 $ for texting, 25 for 2 GB of data & an extra 25 for tethering on a already slow 3G service, that’s being hung by all those iPhone’s and iPads ?

    For an iPhone, the cheapest bill is around 100 $ as oppose to if it was on other companies. I pay 50 a month and get everything for free but minutes, but I get 500 of those. My Edge network has moved more faster than AT&T’s 3G at times and more faster than their Edge all the time.

    Basically, if this survey is right, then people must love to get raped by a rip off company that wants to take everything away from you.

  • JB Fiend

    I failed to mention that I’m on T-Mobile as well. Don’t regret using them with my iPhone but wish I could use their 3G network. Only big downside to it. Other than that, its worth it at a good price and no, having to give my life away to a 2 year contract.

  • Every carrier has pros and cons… but from my experience, I would go with ether T-mobile or mysimplemobie(unlocked).

    I’ve been a sprint customer since 1997(in Miami). Had no problem with it but didn’t like customer service. I switched to Verizon in 2004 when I moved to NYC. Sprint had shitty ass signal and Verizon was the best bet. But now that I live in El Paso, TX (since 2008), I’ve had signal problem with my work building area. I can’t use my cell phone during work anyway and only time I use my cell is during lunch break or when I’m on call to go outside the building.

    My wife LOVES her iPHONE, but I don’t like att cuz it’s too expensive.

  • Rjpalen

    Haha yeah verizon sucks….. I had them until I got my iPhone and I will never go back. However, the only time I have gone to a verizon store, was with a friend trying to get her p.o.s phone replaced again. Apple makes a good phone and therefor verizon probably wouldent get it. But if it did, I wouldent swich.

  • Ghettocowboy

    Irrelevant post to this topic: This is the reason why apple lifted their app restriction:


    Steve Jobs is a big advocate for HTML5 and this is what happened. Too bad they did not use an iPhone 4 to do the test instead of the molesting iPod I mean iPod touchie.

  • Michal

    63% customer satisfaction is a disaster. if the iphone wasnt holding the rest, they would be gone. How is that “okay”? No company can survive with such a satisfaction rate, unless they have an exclusivity contract for such an appealing product as the iphone has become.

    • zaba

      i agree with iphone att is too expensive! tmoile offers unlimited 3g data and free tethering, they also include free tethering app in their smart phone,

      • JB Fiend

        No company gives you unlimited data bro. T-Mobile sends you a text message or calls you to tell you you went over your Data use and slows your data down. At least they tell you, but AT&T, they cut off the unlimited data plan because of the ipad and iphone was using to much of their data plan. Their service can’t handle all that use and that’s why their 3G service is like crap

  • Wize

    “only”? Losing up to 23% of your customers sounds absolutely massive!

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