I’ve been thinking about that for a while but for some reason I never got to go ahead with it. I just created a list of iDB readers on Twitter. If you read this blog and if you’re on Twitter, then you should be on the list!

So far I have only 3 people in this list. That’s because I don’t know your Twitter username. To get on the list, simply ask me to add you on Twitter by sending a tweet such as “@SebastienPage Hey add me to your iDB list”… Doing this will make it easy for me to find you and to easily add you to the list. Writing a comment on this post with your Twitter username will not do it because I won’t check this post again.

So, come on say hello on Twitter 🙂

PS: don’t forget to follow this list as well…

PS 2: Don’t forget to follow me :))

  • Burge

    Hay seb looks like every one wonts to be friends on twitter……

    • Yep we’ve got already 50 something people in the list. You are on Twitter, right?

      • Burge

        Yep…. 7burge

      • Burge

        Hold on a mo.. You mean I not on the list already ?…. I know I’ve been quite on the blog lately… I didn’t think you would forget me that quick…. Thanks… Only joking…

      • Yeah you’d be on the list but I don’t remember people’s Twitter username. You know I know you. I’ve been watching you, hehe 😉

      • Burge

        Didn’t think you will be checking this post again . Like me you have to come back and see what people have put .. Lol

      • SillyBear

        Burge for prez!

  • Z

    Sorry bud, don’t use twitter. But sure am a fan on facebook =)

  • Aian

    We are already friends on twitter:)


  • Vik071

    Follow me @vik071

  • I`ll Follow You….