Since I started following the iPhone daily buzz I am constantly reminded by how passionate and devout the community covering the device can be. So devout that the moment someone predicts the future of an unreleased iPhone, the rest of the bloggers rush to validate the claim.

CNET reports that an analyst from Rodman and Renshaw claims that Apple’s next generation phone will offer up support for both 3G technology and the futuristic LTE (Long Term Evolution) platform which is being touted as “4G” technology. Ashok Kumar said the following about the switch:

Switching suppliers for something as critical as a baseband (3G/4G) modem is a very complex and time-consuming task,” Kumar said in an interview. But once the switch is made, a commitment is typically long term.

Kumar follows the tune of a report we brought you earlier this month about Apple switching to Qualcomm for their baseband chip needs. Currently Apple gets their chips from Infineon, who was recently purchased by Intel.

Can you see Apple making the iPhone 5 be compatible for both sets of technology? How much of this would depend on AT&T’s exclusivity? Give us your palm readings in the comment box below.

  • Absolutely, that’s what I said in a post last week. If you read the blog, you’d already know about it 😉

  • ljkg

    the ad at the bottom of this post is hilarious!

  • Apple’s on it lol

  • Falk

    It seems likely that Apple will include LTE in the next iPhone, but let’s not forget that this is brand new technology in a real world scenario and I wouldn’t be too surprised if Apple waited one year longer to guarantee the best possible implementation. Rushing things would probably impact battery life as well as reception negatively and Apple is probably trying hard to avoid at least the latter after what happened this summer.