Do you have a broken or malfunctioning home button on your iPhone? If so, this trick that was sent to me by Evan on Twitter will allow you to still use your iPhone even if the home button doesn’t work properly.

Now before you get too excited, this is just a workaround and it won’t actually fix the button, but if your iPhone is jailbroken, this is your best chance at getting control over this broken home button again…

All you need is a jailbroken iPhone and Activator, which can be downloaded from Cydia. Evan explains on his blog:

If your iPhone is jailbroken, install Activator from Cydia. Find its Settings, and make gestures or other buttons to emulate your broken buttons.

For me, I shook the device to return to the home screen and I swiped up from below to activate the application switcher.

So in short, you have to use Activator and set it up with a gesture to activate the Home function.

It’s very simple and I’m sure it will help lots of iPhone owners with flaky home buttons.

  • SillyBear

    I pity the fool with a broken home button.

  • Chris

    silly bear………

  • Sean

    Another work around – go into the emergency call screen from the lock screen and come back out. It will take you back to the home when you unlock.

    • Mnemo

      @ Sean: I’ve been looking for this kind of work around! But I don’t understand quite yet: how do I get into the emergency call screen and how do I come back out? :S

      • Q

        just go to the emergency screen and go back to the unlock screen then put your passcode in. walla you are back to the home screen!

  • Desire

    This post came 2 days too late! My home button broke on Sunday. I had to go to Apple which of course meant removing my JB first. They replaced the entire display on my phone after unsuccessfully trying to fix the contacts on my home button.

  • My home button is about to break. thanks!

  • jok3r

    Title is misleading.
    Not technically a fix, more so a work-around.
    Either way, its good guide for those who have a broken home button
    Also there are also an app in Cydia that changes the behavior of one of the volume button to act as a “Home” button.

    • Biggamal

      Which is why the op said it was a workaround. How is that misleading?

  • Dani

    @ Sean & Q; Thank you very very much for emergency call screeen tip!!!

  • dvdrip

    I’ll try it. I accidentally ripped the ribbon cable when I replaced a broken LCD, glass, and digitizer on a 1st gen iPhone I was given. I ordered a new part off ebay, but while I’m waiting for it I’ll try it. I had to go into setting to configure WiFi, now I have to wait for battery to run down so I can open up Cydia.

  • Syp

    Sean u legend; I now don’t have to turn my phone off each time I want to use it

  • Ash

    Thank you so much for posting the emergency call work-around ! I was about to buy the iPhone 4! I really want to keep this phone till June for the next gen IPhone

  • Jimmy Twoshoes

    Emergency call work-around was clutch. Thanks!

  • Speech

    Thank You Sean! Was looking for that kind of tip!

  • jennypenny

    that emergency loop-hole is amazing! Thanks!

  • grace

    i cant figure out what your talking about, how do you get to the emergency call screen. i push the lock button so it lights up and ask me to slide to unlock but thats it. not sure what your talking about or how to get to it.

  • Boris

    Grace: first password protect the phone, then after you lock it and want to unlock it the emergency button is on the lower left side

  • Boris

    Grace: first password protect the phone, then after you lock it and want to unlock it the emergency button is on the lower left side.

  • lan

    Yes, activator can replace home button functions. Im using activator and remove background taken from cydia. To close applications, I just swipe up from bottom, and to kill applications running in background, I use remove background. just swipe down from status bar. Now Home Button is just for cosmetic, didnt use it anymore.

  • john

    thanks sebastien helped me out massivly there, such an easy way round a big problem 😛

    and sean cheers mate great, feel like im cheating haha

  • My phone is not jailbroken but the home button barely works (and looks like this is a very common problem that Apple is ignoring), will this work for me as well?

  • Mac

    Thank god for the internet and people like Sean. Even though this article is 2 years old I am so happy to have found the pass lock work around!!! My phone had water damage and then the home button stopped working, everything else was fine… but I had to turn the phone on and off to get back home, now I can bare this phone for a few more months until I can use my upgrade for a 4Gs. Awesome! Interwebz are amazing.