Reality can suck sometimes. As bad as the truth can be however it is usually almost always best to come to terms with certain aspects of reality. As far as this piece is concerned it’s iPhone’s reality.

We always spend lots of time trying to dig through the rumors when a new iPhone or version of iOS is released and pinpoint the newest features. What we spend comparatively less time on is coming clean on what features we know the iPhone will never get..

The jailbreak community is sort of at the mercy of Apple. If the features that those of us jailbreak for were accessible through the App Store it would certainly dissipate the population of those who opt to hack the device.

The features I think that Apple will never allow or purposely implement themselves to the iPhone are MyWi and biteSMS. The tethering option seems obvious as AT&T (or anyone else) would ever allow Apple to undercut them by approving an app to circumvent the carrier fee. As far as biteSMS goes I just don’t see Apple allowing the lock screen being accessed through apps.

What are your ideas about this? I’m sure you have many theories about what will never be allowed onto the iPhone. Give us your versions of reality in the comment bow below.

  • mohamed

    bluetooth file and photo and sound transfer

  • Burge

    The option to change the ions like winterboard can do . Wi-fi sync and scrolling wallpaper.

  • Amrit

    Sadly, we will probably always have to sync with iTunes

  • Tony

    Not so boring, or even custom SMS ringtones, i’ve given up 😛

  • Andrew

    Ability to accept .Ics calendar invitations

    • V

      Heh, it’s two months later and 4.2 has arrived

  • Ponycrest

    The ability of record a face time call

  • SillyBear

    Ability to cure cancer.

    • Burge

      The iPhones good but it does have it limits

    • Phoney

      I’m sure it could give you cancer, does that count?

      • zoombas

        maamu sabar kar, abhi 10 sal lagenge !

  • gary

    videocall with non iphone users? radio?

    • Joe

      Hey that’s what fring is for and skype will fix theirs soon

    • Whammy!

      Supposed FaceTime will be available for Macs, other iOS devices.
      Also, I could see radio happening possibly. Radio is kind of dead, but the new iPod Nano can do FM so it’s not out of the question.

    • Dave

      There are apps that let you have radio through wifi

  • BS

    SMS tones, seriously!!!!!!!!!

  • WT

    When or will Apple allow the iPhone 4 to do facetime through 3G? Or will it always be a wifi feature, sprints HTC 4g will work on wifi and 4g.

    • Joe

      It’s not apple it’s AT&T

  • Justin

    we will NEVER see the ability to create the sms tone. what needs to be reworked is the notification system. i hope by iOS 5 next year we have a new way to receive a txt msg. This disruptive crap is so MOTO RAZR!

  • Dave

    I don’t understand why they won’t allow you to change something as simple as an SMS tone. Is there something that makes it difficult to do or are they just choosing not to allow it? Goo thing winterboard is there! I also am surprised quick reply/compose of SMS hasn’t been added

  • Justin

    @Dave…apple wanted/wants ppl to pay for a ringtone when for years everyone has been making them from their music catalog for years. if ur lucky to have a mac or garage band you can make ringtones no problem. if apple was smart, they would release an updated version of garage band which allows ppl to make a custom SMS tone. and as for quick reply, idk of any other phone that allows you to reply to txt from a home/lock screen, or in any other app. if there is, then yea that’s awesome and apple should get on that, but if not, then we can’t expect apple to do what others aren’t doing. that’s not how they work. they wait to see what others do and “improve/make it better” lol i.e copy and paste

  • Whammy!

    I really don’t understand having things that do stuff on the lock screen. There’s a reason it’s locked. Why just SMS, wouldn’t it just be easier to not have a lock screen? I can kind of understand that, but then you pocket dial people…seems like the best solution for people that deem sliding to unlock to difficult or arduous, is to get a theme that’s press to unlock from Cydia.

  • Dadditude

    The notification system definitely needs work. I’ve installed Notified Pro and the GRiP style Notifications and I LOVE IT!

  • Irishanimal917

    SMS, MMS email & calendar alerts that can be customized! I mean come on, this is Apple for Gods sake, my old Blackberry & now droids even have these simple capabilities. Get a clue already!

  • Real voice dialing from my bluetooth. Not this crappy pseudo voice dialing where I have to turn the phone on, find the app, wait for it to launch, wait for it to load my contacts, speak the name, wait for it to tell me that it’s found the wrong name, say the name again and wait while it searches throughout all the white page listings in the world before it finally comes up with the wrong number again. No, I mean REAL voice dialing. The kind where I say “Call Umptyfratz” and the ringer kicks in and Umptyfratz says “Duh, Hello??!!” God forbid that Apple cedes control over using a bluetooth the way it was designed.

  • um. my 4.1 os doesn’t have the majority of he problems below. it’s battery lasts me a long time. my blue tooth works just fine with the voice control that came with the phone. I just hold my one button down for 2 or so seconds. um. apps can access the lock screen. unless the complaint was visa versa. then ya. it does have it’s limits tho. since as one person said it refuses to cede control. apple really has become what it used to market againt microsoft for being so totalitarian with it’s products. roles have changed somewhere. even as it solves it’s own problems, phone technology is exponential, and the droid os is still farther up the curve. apple is definitely going to have to figure a homerun out by os 5, before they make me pay for 6 to keep me buying apple.

  • luis

    the ability of blocking chuck nurris from knowing whats on your iphone

    What Features Will Never Come to the iPhone?
    well, everything thats on cydia, i mean all

  • annon

    flash, java, pre-installed gps, and free tethering. I had a longer rant, but I can’t remember the rest of it right now