About 2 weeks ago we told you that Rock Your Phone had been acquired by Cydia. While I wasn’t very excited about it, there was nothing I could do but wait to see Rock die slowly.

And the day has come. Today Rock Your Phone is dead. I just updated Rock via Cydia and all I can see now when launching the app is this…

As I said before, I wasn’t a die hard fan of Rock but I found it very pleasant to use. No more choice for us. From now on it will be the slow and ugly Cydia. Nothing else!

What do you think?

  • Puerto-Rico

    i think we all should thank Saurik for all the work he have done for the jb comunity,.he is truely a pionier, when this is said, i think it is at little heart breaking to see rock is being barried so soon.*?

    The thing i don´t understand is why shut it down and let all off use the cydia, when all the features from rock is not implenmentet yet?

    Yes Rock had is fault? but cydia is not error free eigther.

    For us normal people who dont understand how the program is coded, it is a bit hard to understand. why Rock is not doing the job right? i have used rock since it came out. and i have never had any errors what so ever, exept download errors. i have never had to restore one off our phone because of rock and i really do download a lot from the store, both apps, tweaks and utillies.

    i just think it is a verry easy way for Saurik to say that, Rock is shit, it do all things wrong bla bla bla.
    But but but,,, cydia is doing it better and the right way. when the only thing i can see is we all now got a program with lees features, and long long long waiting time. and a verry ugly interface.

    i think we have the right to complain, because it is a downgrade for all us who used Rock. until Saurik and the team makes cydia, fast, beauty, smart, feature rich. i wil stil be sad.

  • landon

    I hate my ipod touch now cydia sucks. rock ftw

  • neo

    rock is better dudes, i love it more than cydia