pod2g, the guy who discovered the SHAtter exploit that will hopefully allow the GreenPois0n jailbreak to come to life, just announced he is leaving the Chronic Dev Team.

In a series of tweets, pod2g explained that he’s not working with the Chronic Dev Team anymore and that he will now be working independently. The question that comes to mind when reading this is: will the developement of GreenPois0n be affected?

Apparently everything will be fine as pod2g confirms that he gave all the details of his SHAtter exploit to both the Chronic Dev Team and the Dev Team.

The reason for his departure? Some were already speculating there were ego issues with other co-members but that’s not the case. As he said on Twitter, pod2g is not a jailbreak tool developer. He likes to find exploits but it doesn’t go beyond that.

We should all be very grateful for his work and wish him well. I’m pretty sure we’ll hear from him again soon.

[Redmond Pie]

  • Burge

    Starting to sound like another great iPhone hacker we know ….. Geo…forgot.. His name… I hope pod2g doesn’t go the same way

    • lol …great one Burge ,,, Geo …forgot ..his name …great laugh

  • Blockhead

    Geo who???

  • KK

    GeoHot the great… For those who dont know him. BTW the above news is outdated now, Pod2g is back with the team, follow him on twitter for more…

  • Z

    Just another attempt to draw some attention I think. Whether he is with chronic or not, chronic will always be there =) let’s see that exploit of his in action and then we’ll talk hehe

  • six4seven

    I left the BlackBerry platform for iOS and I greatly regret my decision.

    I NEED TO JAILBREAK my iphone 4 to love it.

    Please Chronic Dev Team, save us!!

  • Seven4Six

    Aww, Six4Seven, be patient. I just sold my 3GS after having it j/b’n for some time. Did the SHSH saves…was able to update to 4.1 to make like new, then downgrade to 4.0.1, then re/j/b, and sold! New owner will love it. My 4, however, is on 4.0.2 since purchase. I’m also waiting for j/b. But I figure for now, I’m just going to try out 4.1 and enjoy it. You never now when the next j/b will come, but it’s usually faster than you expect. I kind of like being forced into the basics for a while, get to know them inside/out, so when the j/b comes along, I’m all over that, and getting all loaded up with new apps! It’s sort of climactic. lol

  • Keith

    Im an android owner who also got an iphone recently and now i see the true downfall of apple. google is better because of the open source, when new os comes out 2 months before it comes out its rooted (android for jailbreak) and available this has been painful, having a device not hacked. if they know the exploit what else is there to do?

    • Burge

      All they got is a crash to jailbreak a phone the software to jailbreak has to be made for the end user

  • Miek

    Keith, you’ll prolly never see this, but LOOK AT THE QUALITY OF GAMES!! People do still buy apps, that’s how Konami can put Metal Gear Solid on it! Need for speed, nothing beats that lol. I purchase apps, and use the hax to “upgrade” my phone!

  • Miek

    Oh, and keith, it takes time. The exploit is just the rabbit hole.