I remember it to be about 10 years ago when a few buddies and I used to be huddled over a PC with Napster open. Wasting hours for low quality pirated music never felt so cool.

9 to 5 Mac reports that  you can recapture some of the nostalgic vibe above by adding the Napster application to your iPhone. Once held as the top source for downloading music, Napster has watched its importance come and go since 1999 and is now gracing the virtual shelves of the App Store

You can get the app for free here however you’ll need a Napster plus Mobile Access subscription to use which runs you $10/month. Features include saving albums, songs and playlists for later listening while getting music recommendations from the service. Doesn’t sound very revolutionary coming from the company that literally turned how we get our music upside down.

There are no shortage of streaming music clients available now for your iPhone. Adding the original player in Napster should now give users more options than they need for this service. Give us your ideas on whether or not Apple should be using this moment to build their own music streaming service. Leave them in the comments below.

  • Burge

    Is this a US only app ? It’s not in UK store

  • Jason

    I only saw it as a $15/month Napster to Go subscription and thats too much….I like the interface better than rhapsody, but that’s only $10 a month, (which is still bordering on too much….but, whatever). Argh. Where is everyone seeing $10 a month?

    • Sam

      You should be able to sign up from the iphone app for 10$/mo. The website doesn’t look to be updated for the new plan yet. They must not have planned for it to be approved on a weekend.

      • Jason

        Nice. I just found it. I’m gonna wait til my trial is up, but I think I like this better than Rhapsody.