Last week we talked about IPA God, a new application that could be installed on non-jailbroken iPhones and allow you to download and install cracked apps for free. I was a little skeptical about it at first but after doing more research I realized it was actually a legit (though illegal) app.

Apparently the guys behind IPA God have decided to sell the source code as well as their Twitter account to the highest bidder as they can’t afford to maintain it… and maybe they fear the wrath of Apple’s lawyers…

We have decided to offer the source code to iPA God, along with the twitter account which has over 1,600 followers, to the highest bidder.

We are selling this because we can not maintain this app. We do not have the desire to charge money for the application, but since our site can’t afford to maintain and offer the app to the public, we are forced to sell source code itself.

The highest bidder will receive the application source code, as well as concise instructions on how to set up the app.

Please submit your offers to:

Highest offer now is: £20,000 (offer might be invalid) (Previous offer: $5000)

Since these offers are becoming higher in value, it is highly considerable to send any proof of financial liability with your email. We don’t want our deal to become a result of “Nigerian Scamming” techniques (i.e. The bidder offers to send the money via paypal before we send the source code).

Bidding ends on Tuesday night at 12pm EST.

Hurry up if you’re interested as bidding is ending soon. Really if you have that much money to invest, I suggest you put it in Apple’s stocks. They’re off the charts these days!


  • Hey Sebas, pls advise your loyal bloggers how to invest in apple’s stock the safe way, i heard you said many times you have some stock in apple , how do i get some , i got a couple dollars to throw that way.

    • Talk to your bank about it. A couple dollars won’t get you anywhere though. One stock currently sells at $280…

      • Sounds good…..I would like to know since u invested ,interms of percentage how Much has your much grown?

      • My Apple stock have taken about 30% since I bought them. Not a bad deal at all!

  • Irha

    My guess is that someone is cleverly trying to make money off Apple with a phony claim. Who else do you think will be more interested than apple to know what security hole such a “would be” app take advantage of (and then prevent others from getting access to it). It will probably be bought by apple and they will discover that there is no fire.

  • KJ

    Smells like serious fraud…

  • Pete

    Yep … smells like a rat!

  • Dadditude

    Call me crazy, but if the software is illegal, wouldn’t buying or selling it also be illegal? Just sounds like a bad idea all around to me.

  • Cromardie

    These guys are trying to get out while they can and make a profit before they get shut down…

  • Z

    So true Sebastien, if I had 20k to waste, I’d buy 100 apples =)

  • where i can find this app…?

    • Burge

      No where it’s not out

  • jailbreak of iphone 3gs (4.1 – 4.1 – 4.2) has been released or not ?

  • how i can jailbreak iphone 3gs with firmware 4.1 ?

    • Z

      You can’t just yet

    • Z

      But considering that it’s a 3GS, see if you have shsh blobs saved. You may be lucky to be able to downgrade

  • M

    Not worth it to digg.

  • mediascape

    Someone will buy it, hack it, then offer it for free. So whats the point? plus you need a developers account and your UDID registered. So again, whats this guy trying to pull???