Every time there is an update in the iPhone’s operating system the leaks start pouring in when the betas start getting passed out. This time with 4.2 it is no different. An improvement or adjustment I took notice in was the supposed tweaks to the YouTube experience and CoreMIDI support.

iLounge reports that the YouTube additions start and (apparently) end with adding of “Like” and “Dislike” buttons. If this is true it obviously offers no solace to those who’ve fallen in love with jailbreak app, YourTube 2…

The other piece of this leak is the area that concerns me most. According to the article, it reveals that by adding CoreMIDI support iOS devices could run instruments with a simple adapter. That would open the floodgates as far as Pro Tools type programs go, not too mention Apple’s own GarageBand music studio.

What do you think? I personally think it would be awesome if the iPhone or iPad could be used as a legitimate recording unit. Give us your static feedback in the comments below.

  • It is going to be worth it. iOS is changing now that the iPad is here. What once couldn’t be done on the iPone can now be done on the iPad. A major concern with various add ons to the iPhone operating system was the lack of space to actually get something done, but with the iPad here that debate has finally subsided seeing as they run the same OS. I think this argument would come up in the release of iOS 4.2 for softwares such as GarageBand, but GarageBand on the iPad is a different story. Rana June is a great example of what can be done on an iPad as far as music goes. She is the first iPad DJ. So all in all I think the idea is splendid.

  • Jon Garrett

    I find it very annoying and troubling that every time a “new” iOS is released a “beta” follows only days later. like WTF?!?! why is there a 4.2 beta when 4.1 is only a week old? why not just release a FM that has all the “fixes” and improvements? does Apple do this in fight Jailbreaking or is there some other reason?

    Is anyone else annoyed at the fact that Apple releases a “new” firmware every 2 months !! the iphone 4 is less than 6 months old but already has 4.0, 4.01, 4.0.2, 4.1 and soon 4.2 !!

    5 firmware updates for a phone thats 3 months old?

    when they said the iphone 4 changes everything, is this what they meant?

  • Vincent

    @Jon – More firmware updates is better than less. Would you rather Apple only updated the firmware one time at a “X.5” version, possibly leaving vulnerabilities and bugs in the SW for up to 6 months? I wouldn’t. And unless you are Jailbroken, its as painless as having iTunes tell you there is an update and within 10-15 minutes your iOS is updated. Obviously its more of an annoyance if you are Jailbroken but its worth it to everyone who does.

  • It’s ever possible to run instrument with a simple adaptator… This app is ” Amplitube ” that run on iPhone iOS 4.x …
    For more information => official site =>

  • I guess the other thing to consider is that you don’t have to update every time, unless you are developing of course!

    Kick Butt

  • Zero


  • Waste my time.

  • topi

    Wonderfull i want coremidi support !

  • Justin

    Check out GuitarTrack and FourTrack for the iPhone if you want to record.


    I dont have one but it looks pretty awesome.