SwitcherMod is a new jailbreak application available in Cydia that supposedly improves the iPhone app switcher. I say “supposedly” because I fail to see the usefulness of this applications.

Developed my Ryan Petrich, one of my favorite jailbreak developers, SwitcherMod allows you to drag icons to reorder them. It also allows you to make exited apps transparent and show the “close” button by default…

SwitcherMod is free in Cydia via the http://rpetri.ch/repo repo.

Give it a try and let me know how useful you think it is.

  • Seb, i hate the multitask app, In a word its another fail from Apple so this looks like a very useful addition. Its almost as useful as the Caps lock sensor on the pro which i also hate……….

    apple get with it please and take notice of some of these great developers

  • mrmac

    for me ,switcherplus is much better, becouse you can kill all processes with one click

    • Z

      Does it not work along with switcherplus?

      • akag9

        Well kind of. The ‘pinned’ apps that usually stay pinned in leftmost space get pushed to the right. So if you are used to seeing them always at the same place, well, you loose that…

  • joseph

    its nothing special they should add that brightness slider to the switcher bar like the 4.2 does for the ipad.

  • Eric

    my favorite app is MULTITASKING DISABLE cuz i use Backgrounder if i want it to run in the background, damn it i will make it run in the background!

  • Gus

    I lile the idea of “pinning” apps to the multitask bar, which I can access from anywhere; great is for quickly switching between running or pinned apps. I guess what would be even better is for this bar to replace the dock in the springboard, as this is a superset.

    • akag9

      Switcher plus does pinning. I agree with Sebastian – Petrich is great but this mod is… Meh. Agree with mrmac.

  • Multifl0w works lovely on iOS 4…

    • Z

      lol true but irrelevant

  • Z

    Give it a try. I didn’t see the point either, but having given it a go left me relatively impressed. It survived 5 minutes already, and will probabely stay there =)

    Thanks for the mod!

  • Zach Brogan

    I find it useful because it gives you the option to hide or make translucent previously multitasked apps so you can see which ones are actually still eating up ram. Additionally, the auto-close circle thing makes it a little faster to close. The only thing is that it disables switcher plus’s kill all thing unless triple click home button, but i don’t use that a whole lot anyway.

    • Z

      Remove background with sbsettings toggle still work, you can also assign any gesture for backgrounded apps removal with exceptions.

  • Kosesho

    Pfffft, i’ve been waiting so long 4 this twaek and if i can choose which apps runs in the background and apps that close directly after clicking home botton, i hope the developer keep updating this.

  • Well, for any iOS4 version without multitasking, it shows running proccesses, also with backgrounder it works great

  • scubaby

    Heya Seb! I just got 4.1 jailbroken… and I cannot find a way to get ahold of Ryan Petrich to find out why display recorder will not work on 4.1? It’s the MOST important app to me 🙁

  • GP

    doesn’t work on iOS 4.1 -.-

  • BK

    Get Multi Cleaner. It combines most of the functionality of Switcher plus and Switcher mod.

  • Doesn’t work on iOS 6.1 (Evasi0n Unthether jailbrake)