The white iPhone 4 has been way overdue. First supposed to be available at the same time as the black model, it’s launch was postponed several times. Last time we heard from Apple about the matter, they said the iPhone wouldn’t be available until “later this year”. So much for a clear timetable.

iDB reader Nathan emailed Steve Jobs and asked him more details about the white iPhone 4 release date. Nathan was lucky enough to get an answer from Steve apparently within minutes. As usual, the reply is more mystical than clear…

This is Nathan’s email sent yesterday at 8.57 PM, asking if he would be able to get the white iPhone 4 for Christmas:

Hello Steve, My name is Nathan, I’m a high school student from San Bernardino. I also happen to be one of your biggest fan and a total Apple fanboy and proud to be 🙂
I’ve been saving up money to buy the new iphone 4. I want the white one but Apple said it won’t be available until later this year. I know you must be asked this question hundreds of times a day but do you think we can expect to get the white iphone for xmas?
I hope you can answer. Thank you Steve.

This is Steve’s reply sent at 9.00 PM:

Christmas is later this year.

As usual with these emails, there’s always the risk of it being a fake. but really I don’t see why Nathan would make this up. At any rates, it seems we’ll be getting the white iPhone for Christmas.

  • iPhoNerd

    Lol, @Nathan Steve is just kidding… He meant “white” chritmas, means snow fall, not white iPhone 😀

    • LMAO

      • Z

        Sebastien, is your website part of Steve’s signature? 😉 Wouldn’t that be awesome? hehe

  • Pete

    He could’ve also meant he was postponing Christmas this year… 😉

    • iPhoNerd

      @Pete that could be possible too 😛

  • Burge

    Thats a nice font @nathans got on his iPhone

    • Chris

      That’s the Papyrus font.

      • Burge

        Thanks I lve just been looking for the font

  • Aidy

    I like the way he emailed him from a jailbroken iPhone 

    • kellray

      ROFL!!!!!!!!!! Soooooooooo true .. Kudos for that one Nathan!

  • I think it means after Christmas.

  • cruz

    May with ipad 2

  • All I want for chrismas is you ( white iPhone -sales boost ) we will all buy 1 ……

  • Timifwee

    It means they’re releasing it after Christmas..

  • Rainrose

    I wonder if I can trade my black iPhone 4 to white when It comes out? Hehe that would be cool huh? I really wanted white but it takes forever to come out and I couldnt wait any longer so Ive opted for black. Black is not bad at all, I mean its just a color, but I really wanted the white…:(

  • Apple everything

    We will never get a straight yes or no of jobs its hard working trying get any new idevice at the moment i think he needs to be honest and tell every 1 the score with the white iphone 4

  • jesse

    “Apple said it won’t be available until LATER THIS YEAR” Christmas is LATER THIS YEAR. so it looks like its coming for christmas. i won’t be betting on it though…

  • Z

    That was a “Kid, I have no time for you and neither your white iPhone. It’s not Christmas yet, i.e. keep dreaming, son. Go back to school.” =)

    P.S.: no offense @Nathan

  • tom

    Instead of being part of the problem, why not propose a solution? how hard is it to make a white plastic film that would serve to make a white iPhone, and also to protect the fragile glass?

    • Naomi

      Yes but it woud have to contain reflective apple on the back and all these FC CE etc. wrightings to be valuable for iPhoners 

  • Steve’s marketing strategy to have another mega-super sale during White-Christmas.

  • Li

    don’t you think….everything is start with black and white lol
    remember the first car that US make (fort) if I spell it right XDXDXD
    anyway…it’s black and white too..(i don’t think there is white..)
    but still why can’t’ they have different colors?? lol Like maybe or something like that haha

  • ‘Christmas is later this year.’
    Is that it? His answer?
    How arrogant! SHAME!

  • imkoonta

    i will wait until christmas, after that THATS IT, I’m getting the black one then. I hate my Blackberry Curve!

  • John

    Hope this rumor is not just rumor, but can come true when the christmas is coming!
    You know I really want the White One!!!
    But seems this is a big joke, as some one point out “Do you seriously believe this? Possible confirmation of a white iPhone 4 from a screenshot of an e-mail from an iPhone? Disregard the fact he’s using an ugly font, but anyone can take a persons e-mail address and put it in their contact list as ‘Steve Jobs’. At least have him show the headers proving it came from ”
    Actually my family have got a black one, and very enjoyable with it, factime with friends and me sometimes watching videos with the help of iFunia iPhone converter when on my commercial aircraft flight.
    Aha, wait, wait, then get the white one sure!!!

  • JAK

    Perfect timing…. Around contract time for all of da family… Now my Daughter and Mom both are looking forward to getting there’s around or just after christmas too!!

  • its fake.. 🙁

  • Z

    People, it’s just a joke like Steve Jobs outfit =)

  • Mr. Anderson

    You got somethin against the black iPhones? You racist dog???

  • Beggy

    If you need this phone by X’mas, ask President Hu Jintao for White iPhone 4, do not ask Mr. Steve Jobs.

  • I have a iPhone 4, then…

  • Actually my family have got a black one, and very enjoyable with it, factime with friends and me sometimes watching videos with the help of iFunia iPhone converter when on my commercial aircraft flight.