iOS 4.2 beta has been released a couple days ago, and it apparently comes with a few new features that 9 to 5 Mac tracked down. Now it’s nothing breathtaking but it’s nice to see iOS being tweaked a bit to make it even better than it already is.

Here is a list of new features you can find in iOS 4.2:

  • Assign SMS tone to individual contacts – this one is way overdue. Now you’ll be able to give your girlfriend/boyfriend/whoever a specific ringtone.
  • Enhanced sound preferences – the volume of the ringer and alerts can be adjusted using the volume buttons
  • FaceTime icon in SMS app – this makes it quicker for you to start a FaceTime call directly from within the SMS app
  • New Voice Memos app icon
  • New restrictions added to the settings – installing, editing and mail accounts added to restrictions
  • YouTube like/dislike – you now have buttons to like or dislike a video
  • Find in Page – lets you easily find text on a web page in Safari

Like I said, nothing amazing. I’m really looking forward to the Find in Page feature!

What do you think?

  • I wonder if we can finally import SMS tones.

    • Simon

      That would also be nice and way overdue. My really old T-Mobile Motorolas have been able to do all the SMS features since I had them back in 2003! About time Apple gets with the times! lol

  • Simon

    If you ask me, there are some very valuable additions in there! Like you said though, way overdue.

  • Lyric

    Whats the point in specifying SMS tones for people if you can’t even import ringtones? All the factory SMS tones are very boring.

    Hopefully we will be able to import SMS tones now.

  • Rainrose

    I hope the amazing jailbreaker dev teams should wait for 4.2 so I can upgrade then jailbreak. 🙂

  • WOW!

    somethings are way overdue, and still are! But I can’t wait!

  • Weebsurfer

    Big fracking MEH! Must the updates be so anticlimactic? Give us a reason to update like Texting from anywhere or scrolling folders. Of course now Apple proly can’t add anything good or they’ll be in legal shuffles with JB app developers that have beaten them to the punch.

    • Z

      Legal shuffles? It’s apple dude, their product, their soft. They can tweak the living crap out if it, but as I predicted before, the simple marketing technique to unlock more and more features with every update/release of a new product along with constant cosmetic updates is all it is.

  • joseph

    i wish the brightness slider like the ipad was on the new 4.2 upgrade that would be dope

  • Waste time

  • Yak

    @Z exactly! We just need to be patient.. For example, cam app devs waited till 4.1 for being able to store EXIF data to taken or edited pics.. Such an essential thing but we had to wait for this since iOS 2.0!

  • Jag

    Need SMS templates and more SMS features.