The guys over at Patently Apple uncovered an interesting patent filing from Apple revealing an accessory transceiver that could provide the iPod Touch with access to a mobile telephone network.

According the patent, this accessory transceiver could be connected wirelessly or physically to the iPod Touch. Not only it would work for an iPod Touch, but it also seems it would work with any mobile device, like a Blackberry, a camera, etc…

In some embodiments, the mobile device could also include an internal wireless transceiver that could provide access to a different mobile telephone network. Thus, using the accessory transceiver could allow the mobile device to access two separate mobile telephone networks.

Looks interesting. Complete details over at Patently Apple.

  • Keth

    WTF, they are out of Mind.
    First clearly Read “Thus, using the accessory transceiver could allow the mobile device to access two separate mobile telephone networks.”
    It means Mobile Device can access two networks at the same time which eventually contains a voice processor and a baseband stuff. Not a dumb music player can plug in a Transceiver and start receiving and making calls.
    To me, it is like Dual Sim
    Do they have any reason to make iPod Touch to replace their iPhone.
    Faggot Bloggers

    • SillyBear

      Anyone else having trouble deciphering this comment?

      • Z

        Dual SIM card phones are well being used in Europe and have been for a while. So it’s nothing new. I agree that there is no reason for apple to turn itouch into itouchphone.

        But faggot bloggers?! Ouch! Arrogant!

  • I would think they want each of their devices to be distinctive on their own. From a sales point of view they wouldn’t want any device to cover any other device completely. From a technology point of view they could do it easily.

    We have a macbook, 2 iphones, an ipad, a nano and a few shuffles…. all for different reasons and I’m sure Apple loves us for it!!!

    Kick Butt

  • John

    They are doing it to stop others doing it! To protect the iPhone!

    • exactly!..though this patent they’re making sure that no other company starts making similar kind of accessory for the itouch that may hamper the iphone sales.