iOS 4.1 is just a few days old but someone already found a major exploit in it. Apparently, some hackers found a way to install cracked applications on a non-jailbroken iPhone via an app called IPA God, which should be released in the near future.

The following video shows IPA God in action. While do not encourage app piracy here at iDB, I thought it was important enough to share that with you…

This being said, I suspect IPA God to be a fake. How can you install IPA God on your iPhone if it’s not jailbroken? The only way to distribute this app would be via Cydia.

So what do you think? Real or fake?

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  • Thats true! You Can NOT install cracked apps unless your iDevice is already jailbroken!

  • SillyBear

    Interesting. But who jailbreaks just for cracked apps? There’s so much more the phone can do once jailbroken!

  • appletiser

    fake, methinks. (;

  • Jeb Lawrence

    that guy has hairy arms and horrible taste in music.

    • Haha that’s completely off topic but I agree with you 😉

    • Uri


    • Michael Honez

      So basically, you’re saying that he’s European?

  • Zmbieapocalypse

    Very bad music blecch! Crazy that he was downloading cydia apps as well

  • Freddy

    why not? how he is on IOS 4.2 on ipad with multitasking and game center and at the same time jailbroken. ok, maybe it’s not logical how he downloaded this IPA GOD app but why not. this wouldn’t be such a bad idea

    • Winning the lottery twice is a good idea. Impossible nonetheless…

  • Tyler29294

    If they know a exploit to install apps on non-jailbroken device then putting IPAgod is just as easy.

  • Blockhead

    Fake! He used his developer account to install apps.

  • Lucky

    Why it cant be possible??? Has everyone of us forgot about there may be another exploit found by them..!! I am not that into this but i strongly believe there may be a way to install cracked apps w/o jailbreaking idevice. however,i cant imagine myself w/o cydia on my iphone.

  • I initially desired to jailbreak just so i could alter the visual aspect, backgrounds, icons, etc. Then i moved on to all those apps i always wanted but didn’t wanna shell out my hard earned golds for. NOW, im on the search, for the ultimate set of utilities. feel free to suggest some, lol.

  • haha. IPA God. I smell bullpoop.

  • Beakhand

    How priceless Is that comment in thAt chap app looking for horny older women

  • Vincent

    I don’t think “IPA God” itself is fake, BUT unless it is in the App Store (obvious no) how could you install it without Jailbreaking? It would only work for those who have Developer accounts who could sign the app in Xcode and load it onto the device, unless another exploit (ala JailbreakMe) comes along to enable installing it.

  • No way for iphone 4s having ios 6.0.1……. no jailbreaking options.!!!!! Apple….. i don’t like apple, i like pineapple but it also not work in ios 6.0.1. stucks !!