FolderEnhancer is a jailbreak application by Japanese developer Ashikase that should be available in Cydia soon. This is still a beta project but it seems to be very promising.

According to this video, FolderEnhancer will allow to open folders much faster than Apple’s stock folders, and it will also allow us to have multiple pages of icons within a folder. Another interesting feature is that we’ll finally be able to add folders insider folders…

FolderEnhancer is compatible with other jailbreak apps such as Iconoclasm and MultiIconMover. Apparently, Chpwn will also be working on making InfiniFolders compatible with FolderEnhancer.

Looks like a great app, doesn’t it?

  • poorguy

    hope its not a paid one…

  • akag9

    Why would one want to keep infinifolders (assuming FolderEnhancer works). Just for vertical scroll?

    • Z

      Why would someone want FolderEnhancer? They should just release an update for infinifolders to make it faster and to add an ability to add folders into folders.
      I just hope it’s not gonna be just another Categories iOS4 style.

  • Fman52

    I’m kinda mad I updated to 4.1

  • Dadditude

    This looks nice. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  • pn2bade

    Something that wasn’t mentioned in the video, but it also looks like it extends the folders to the entire screen and that gets me really excited.

  • hellocrystal

    GREAT! can’t wait cuz foldersinfolders SUCKS! it just crashesandcrashes… EXPLODES my folders and gives me pagesandpages of apps (did this dozens of times) WASTED MY $2!!!!

    • appletiser

      lol hadn’t crossed my mind that this was a cause of some of my icons reappearing on my home screen, although your experience has been a lot worse than what I’ve had to put up with.

  • hellocrystal01

    using folderenhanser deletes your infinifolders any way. I LOVE THIS APP!!! i have ONE folder on my dock now and NO “app pages”! it truly is MY iphone!!!