We’ve been talking quite a bit about Google Voice on the blog the last few days because Apple apparently started telling developers it was ok to submit Google Voice applications again in the App Store.

Although he was getting everybody’s attention, developer Sean Kovacs is not the only one working on Google Voice applications, and someone actually came up with a Google Voice app before him…

Developer Andreas Amann had his Google Voice application GV Connect [download link] approved in the App Store just minutes ago and it is currently selling for $2.99.

To be honest with you, I’m waiting for Kovacs’ app GV Mobile+. I’ll be passing on GV Connect but if you try this application, I’d like to hear what you think about it. Let us know.

[Mobile Crunch]

  • Mac

    Hi sebas and Ethan you guys
    are on the top of the news
    thank you guys keep up
    the good work

    • Yeah, we try! Thank you 🙂

    • As you can see, the orig article comes from mobilecrunch

  • MrSandman

    My Google Voice app ( by Kovacs) works just fine, why fix what isn’t broken?

    • Kovacs is resubmitting GV Mobile+ to the Apple App Store as Apple changed their application review guidelines last week.

  • -alex

    i bought gv connect and its amazing i just love it its really fast and slick and just dose what i need it to.

  • …it’s back….

  • tbui123

    will this work on my ipad? Please tell me more…

  • Beakhand

    Will it work if I don’t have service