No doubt this was made by an Android geek. I think it’s funny even though it’s not too close to reality. Really with a jailbroken iPhone you can do pretty much what you want.

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  • Lucas

    lOl thats pretty much true lol stock iphone sucks it must be jailbroken to be something really interesting

    • Slut machine

      And stock android can do anything without custom roms???

    • joseph

      naw the stock iphone is awesome i got ios 4.1 and im loving it. I got the iphone 4.

    • Stock Android also needs to be rooted to be able to do something out of what-comes-in-the-box. Both OSs have their own credibility, and sometimes Android is superior. iOS wins the competition when it comes to ease of use, UI, hardware, design, and overall feel.

  • MMD

    this means that Android user is a very lonely people who needs to get out of the room and see the world ๐Ÿ˜€

  • hahahahhahaa.. it’s sarcastic in any way

  • Pedant

    Anyone thats actually a developer, as opposed to these App Inventor script kiddies, can write whatever programs they like, on a non-jail-broken phone.

    Apple haven’t stopped me writing anything – so I can’t sell my programs? Big deal. They do exactly what I need, and the first 100 people I want to share with, I can.

    Do Android geeks have 100 friends?

    • Z

      Lol nice one

  • John

    Android fanboy got JE syndrome ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Eric

    iPhones original. Android is a copy. End of story.

    • silver


  • Jason masters

    Android is getting there but not yet they have a lot of catching up to do even with all there custom rom craps they still have to have better apps that either equal or supercede the app store!

  • I thought the iPhone version would just say “yeah, the app already exists.” 90% of the time, that’s been my experience.

  • brent

    It all boils down to what your average human being wants their phone to do. The iPhone already does way more than your average non-geek wants and does most things really well. I suppose the iPhone could be considered limiting to a geek. Luckily most of us aren’t geeks*.

    I’ll never understand all the smartphone bashing. There are different options so you can buy the one you want. Don’t like one of the options? Ignore it. Don’t buy it. Period.

    *disclaimer: There’s nothing wrong with being a geek. Geeks can be fine people.

  • kirk

    I have never seen the Android do anything my iphone cant do. Android is in desperate need for decent iMovie clone with all this 720p recording the new phones are boasting about.

    • Android can report spam in mail app , that is just 1 off the top.

    • Santa

      How about flash content? My desire don’t need root (jailbreak) to install a decent aplication or using Apkator ( Instalous ). I can have 3 batery if i need aditional power, i can play any video content on my phone including avi with selectable subtitle….and more.

      • rob

        Thats Lovely, But I Don’t Need To Watch Porn Or Play Flash Games Online, Cus The Best Flash Games Are Apps (Duhh) I Don’t Need 3 Batterys, One Works Perfectly Fine = ), and i prefer Higher Quality Video, And MP4 Is That In A Nut Shell, Andriod Is Brill, I Agree, It Does So Much More, But Why Are More iPhone’s Sold That Andriod Phones? Because They Are Just So Much Easier To Use.

      • Santa

        You watch porn with subtitles? I have 3 ipod touch, and the last is 4g, and the batery drain very fast if i play games. If i go in a long trip an aditional batery would be nice.
        Flash content refers not only at games, flash is movies, web sites….etc.
        Higher quality on movies, you make me laught, your iphone and my ipod touch cannot play videos with resolution higher than 480×272.
        And another thing, l can use my htc desire with 1000 pc not only with 5 and i don’t need itunes to put music or movies or aplications on my phone.

  • Apple everything

    Android os is ok but android store sucks hence why most apps are free it cant even touch the appstore apps does android have cydia nar maybe if it didnt it would be as good as apple prods till then it sucks

  • webreaper

    Check out Newsrob, which syncs offline RSS in the background. Can’t be done on the iPhone. IPhone can’t do location/state based profiles like ‘Setting Profiles’ does them. And if you really want convincing, look at Tasker.

  • android

    Rob, not sure whether you’ve seen, but Android is outselling iOS by some margin now… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Android 2

    @android is right Android is already 2nd highest selling mobile OS next to symbian. And considering how long symbian has been around it’s only a matter of time till it scores top spot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ghettocowboy

    Apple is lucky that Android is not unified. Android is like Linux, too many developers and each version is not backward compatible with each other. Linus went down because of this reason. Imagine if Android is unified, built a framework and then keep upgrading from there. But that will not happen since the team built 2.1 is different from the team built Froyos 2.2 and different team built 3.0.

    Windows 7 mobile on the other hand, will dominate the market when it comes out. Saw a video of the HTC W7M with sense UI, I am very impressed.

  • android

    What utter nonsense. What on earth makes you think that different teams built 2.1, 2.2 and that another team will build 3.0? I’m not sure where you got that info, but whoever came up with it is smoking something, and clearly doesn’t know anything about the Android dev team.

  • android

    Oh, and WM7 is at least two years behind both iPhone and Android, in terms of what the platform can do. MS might catch up if they spend hundreds of millions over the next 18 months, but the platform they’re releasing in Oct has less technical capability than Android 1.6 or the iPhone 3G.

  • Yak

    iPhone was the first iPhone (MultiTouch, apps, convenient usage of mobile internet aso..) No discussion… Or are there any smartphones still using a stylus??

  • Maglor

    That’s just pure jealousy…

  • Gotta love this blog

  • NearDeath

    Lol apple only has the upper hand coz they came up with the first smart phone. I have a iPhone and I’m now looking at buying a samsung galaxy s jailbreaking the lone does unlock some neat options but u shouldn’t need to do this. iTunes god I just want to kill the tard who designed it. And the one main reason apple do so well is of there marketing and brand snobs I buy what’s good at the time not what’s popular alot off pol need to really look at there options and not go buy something that is the new fa and is about have apple iphone was a good phone now there is so much more out there ppl just news to look android for the win. ( anyways each to there own )

  • NearDeath

    One more point look at all my fcked up grammar that was it’s stupid corrections bit I guess any phone can do this

  • NearDeath

    Oh pol is ppl. News is need lone is phone fa is fad I don’t even know what happend here (is about have). This was ament to be and not what every one has this could just be my fat fingers :p.

  • Anonymous

    In this thread: apple fanboys and apologists