A new report by comScore shows that the iPhone is losing ground on Android in the US smartphone market. RIM (Blackberry) still has the most market shares, Apple comes at the second place and Android is 3rd.

Even though the rankings remain the same, RIM and Apple’s share of the market decreased to the advantage of Android, which increased by 5 points. While boring, these numbers are a sign of what’s to come…

When you think about it, these numbers make sense. RIM is losing the smartphone battle. Lack of innovation and boring devices are the cause of it. The cause for Apple’s market decrease is Android itself, which is not only available on more carriers, but is also not limited to only one device, like iOS is limited to the iPhone. In other words, if there were 5 different iPhone models coming out every year on several carriers, Apple would most likely be heading the charts of this report.

I don’t worry the least bit for Apple though. Historically the company has never gone after market shares and I doubt they have any interest in “owning” the market. They want to increase their profit margin by selling one very good phone at a very expensive price. That’s what they do in the computer market and they seem to be doing pretty well.

What do you think?

  • Keth

    By the way, Androids aren’t that cheaper

  • Ghettocowboy

    Only Apple fans think Androids are cheap. The biggest difference between Android and Apple iPhoney is: AT&T and Steve Jobs watch to see what you do everyday if you have an iPhoney.

  • Burge

    My friend just got some LG android phone and got a good tarriff aswell but the best thing is the free PS3 that he got. He could of had a Xbox 360 or a 32″ flat screen tv. You wont get freebies with a iPhone though.

  • Z

    Agreed. Well put, an expensive, but a good phone.

  • I have been using an android phone (I know, I feel so dirty too) for about a month now and I must say it has some really great features that the iphone doesn’t have but what it lacks is the ability to customize it like you can do with a jailbroken i. I think in time this will change and when it does I could see the android phones being a real tough competitor for the iphone.

  • I do see the Android platform catching up with the iPhone, but I do not see it necessarily outdoing the iPhone. I think the Android platform and the iOS platform are too different from eachother and serve different purposes. People will choose between the two, but personally I like the iPhone over an android phone any day.

  • Shadow

    Android has already outdone the iPhone. I just got my epic 4g and I’m loving it. However for the clueless people with money to burn who just want a phone that surfs the web, the iPhone is still king. But for any power users or tinkerers, the iPhone is not a viable option and Android reigns supreme.

  • Mac

    That s all lies they are trying to put
    the iPhone down they can t cause
    they already lost the future is for apple Inc
    i will Neva Eva use pc or windows platform
    even if they give it for me free.
    they are scared from apple .those companies
    can t use their hands to make nice phones
    like apple they are using their mouths like
    whores in spreading lies against apple

  • Mac

    I luve apple for ever!!!!

  • Ghettocowboy

    Here is one simple thing why an Android is better than an iPhoney: Click on a song and select “use as ringtone” then you have your custom ringtone. For an iPHoney, plug it in and sync to iTuney then play the song and capture the first 40 seconds of it then renaming the file then sync to itune.

    Same go for loading songs, Android: copy and paste your MP3s then you are done. Apple, I am out of breath to describe the process since it is too long.

    There are a lot more but this is just a simple example made easy for any idiots to grasp or see the clear difference.

  • sjp

    What are the absolute sales numbers? I trust iPhone sales figures are still increasing. So the ‘catch up’ of Android does not seem any big news. In contrast in a stable market, the loss of market share would be worrisome.

  • joseph

    android will probably crash and burn because all the different skins fragmentation and carriers who mess with the os. It’s not free anymore like its said to be the carriers take off features and make you pay or add their bloatware. Im happy with my iphone 4 and plus the ios just droped by 1.3 percent rim is the one that really fell.

  • NearDeath

    To the appl fan boy who loves himself (Mac) apple coputerd I will admit are good for media and picture editing and maybe a few other things. They lack good games they now use the same prossesors that a starred coputer uses a pc can do all the same shit if u have the right hardware apple pre packaged and limited in options pc u can chose what u can put in it and not have to send it off to get newer parts installed windows is fine if u know what u are doing unlike most people. Apple Mac can get viruses and will get more as time goes on as more people get more apple products more programers will target them. That’s a fact I’m not dissing Mac os. But there not that special mate and pc bs Mac fck Mack is a pc I hate that campaign. Pc. Personal computer what is a Mac a hooker

    • i

      to the F.A.G who suck bill gates nightly, yes you NearDeath, apple macs are majorly designed for there media, photo editing, movie editing, website creating/editing and many government departments use the Xserve as there server. they ‘lack good games’ because these computers are for mature people, not for sad little wimpy people who play World of Warcraft or Runescape, while still living with there mother and having no social life. yes you can do video editing and photo editing on a pc, but that can cost big $$$$ for the right programs/hardware, where as New Macs come with iLife FREE. easy and simple to use.
      now with the ‘limited options’ that is half right, that statement goes for pc’s as well, if you buy them direct from an electronics store, its a pre-built one with standard hardware, but you go online to the manufacture such as DELL HP SAMSUNG and customise them. and that is exactly the same, you can order a Mac online and customise it to your needs, and the best thing about that is. Apple makes what there computers use, and what i mean is that the OS X is for Mac’s only. unlike Microsoft which is essentially the town bike – a slut if you dont understand. and there are no viruses for mac. i have been using mac since 1994 and i had no viruses, no crashes. i had no anti virus software. thats all apart of the operating system.

      and i must say, Microsoft has copied a lot of Mac OS X. especially windows 7. the new task bar, oohhh that reminds me of the dock? the side bar oohhh that reminds me of the dashboard. and the list continues.

  • NearDeath

    Damn grammar


    android can play the flac format apple compress your music to shit SQ iTunes is just crap . drop and drag for the win if people want to do it the hard way then they love to waste time and love to spend there every waking moment on there mac or PC i want to get out of my house and not have to re do all my playlists after iTunes insist they delete them to add new ones more time waist for a slow program if i buy something i want to do what i want with it not be told what to do i have a iPhone and its jailbroken i would keep it if i could just drop and drag and not use a program to do so especially one so controlling and shit as iTunes. Android here i come Free dome i have missed you

    (Each to there own)