The new iPod Touch 4G comes up with a lot of new hardware making it a bit closer to being “an iPhone 4 without a phone”. But really, do you know how the new iPod Touch compares to the iPhone 4?

The guys over at have conducted some tests that show that besides being a few months younger than the iPod Touch 4G, the iPhone 4 still kicks ass…

Both the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch 4G sport Apple’s custom A4 processor, though the iPhone has twice the RAM with 512MB of Random Access Memory. With that kind of info, you’d expect the iPhone 4 to boot up faster than the iTouch, right? Wrong. The latest iPod is faster than the iPhone 4, even though it’s just by a couple of seconds.

When putting the camera of the latest 2 iDevices side by side, it’s no surprise that the iPhone’s arrive on top. I’ve tried both cameras myself at the Apple Store last week and you can clearly tell the difference. As Apple Insider notes, the iPod Touch camera has a darker contrast than the video shot with the iPhone 4.

Even though the iPod Touch 4G sports Apple’s new Retina Display, it definitely doesn’t come with the same high quality display you can find in the iPhone 4, which uses an IPS display that offers better viewing angles.

Conclusion: the iPhone 4 is still the king!

  • appletiser

    Lol one thing I like about this blogsite, considering it’s title, are the links to YouTube that aren’t playable on this mobile platform. ah well s’pose I’ll have to wait until i logon the PC… ps and if anyone mentions frash grrrr!! 😉

    • YouTube videos on this article work fine for me from my iPhone.

      • SillyBear

        Ditto, works fine for me

      • appletiser

        sorry seb, not a criticism in any way. how the link displays for me is a light grey YouTube frame, play button in the centre but has a slanted cross through it like a no entry sign. thought it may be because i

      • appletiser

        oops… because i view the blog via facebook but i tried with safari and it’s still the same.

  • Aleksander

    Not working for me either.. 🙁

  • Hugh

    Works for me. Maybe only behind WIFI?

    • appletiser

      at least 90% of my connection is over wifi as i have access to the router at work 🙂 and, natch, constant use at home. no change for me even if i disable and use edge or 3G.

      • Austin

        So all these comments are about YouTube? I kinda liked the iPod video quality. The iPhones is still better but for a device that is called an iPod… Its video quality is excellent

  • Yak

    yeah, wondering if thos photos apps work.. ProCamera for example would do great on the Touch 4..

  • joseph

    damn my iphone 4 doesnt take that long to load up its like 10 seconds lol

  • I hope I can grab an iPhone 4 of iPad 2 one of these days

  • Virus

    i phone 4 is wayy better thn i pod… obvsly..

  • ethan

    i pod to

  • dale keylock

    I hv a blackberry which has BIS which is quite cheap if u think about it and I wanna either get an ipone 4 or ipod 4 should I get the ipod and keep m̶̲̥̅̊​y̶̲̥̅̊​ blackberry or sell m̶̲̥̅̊​y̶̲̥̅̊​ blakcberry and get a iphone? Replay 2 me through email