Some of you might remember the application called Google Voice Mobile, which was approved in the App Store last year. When the battle between Apple and Google started heating up though, the application was pulled from the App Store because it “replicated features that come with the iPhone”, namely the “phone” part. The app quickly went underground and made its way to the iPhone anyway via Cydia.

Since Apple loosened the app approval process last week, they invited Sean Kovacs, the developer of Google Voice Mobile, to resubmit his application to the App Store. Woohoo, great news indeed. MacRumors has had the chance to have a quick glance at the application, rebaptized GV Mobile+ for the occasion. It looks pretty good…

Overall, GV Mobile+ offers a complete and convenient native interface for Google Voice. Once approved, GV Mobile+ will cost $2.99. Those who previously purchased the GV Mobile app when it was available in the App Store in 2009 will have an opportunity to get the new app for free during a short window of time after it has been in the App Store for about one week – this window of time will be announced by Kovacs through his Twitter account. Kovacs estimates that the approval time will take seven to thirteen days, putting GV Mobile+ in the App Store sometime next week.

More images and full review of this new Google Voice app for iPhone at MacRumors.

  • Great , this is a must have app for international users…..

  • Nick Kuxhaus

    For those of us that bought the app from cydia, is there any reason to switch to the app store version?

    • luis

      smooth fast upgrading?

  • Sy

    Wow whole story without actually saying what the app does if u haven’t seen it or heard of it before!?

    • Yak

      Get familiar to Google Voice using Google 😉

    • Z

      Good point @Sy.
      I’m using Skype at the moment. Any good reasons to get GV Mobile?

  • Beakhand

    Does anybody know if this can work with no service (airplane mode) have a iPhone but no phone plans

    • RS

      I would imagine so. The app is 190Mb, so I think the dictionary and voice is all within the app.

  • Woo Cannot wait…My service provider are so expensive.