Fierce Wireless reports that according to AT&T Operations CEO John Stankey, the company will launch commercial LTE service by mid-2011. AT&T is apparently working with its LTE vendors to get the network ready for launch and is even already testing it in Baltimore and Dallas.

For those of you who don’t know, LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and it is basically what you’d call 4G. Just like you would guess, it offers much faster download and upload speeds than the current 3G capability we have on our iPhone…

AT&T has said it wanted to wait for the LTE market to mature before moving forward with a full-scale deployment. Stankey said AT&T is working on a different kind of implementation for LTE than other carriers, and needs to carry forward its UMTS services to ensure that voice and data services can work simultaneously on both UMTS and LTE. The company is spending $700 million in capital expenditures on LTE this year and “will go far beyond that” in 2011, Stankey said.

Apple is definitely aware of this and is most likely already working to integrate this in the next iPhone. Hey, what if the next iPhone was called iPhone 4G? That would make sense, no?


  • -alex

    Isnt LTE verizons new network’s name. why is a GSM network gunna use the same name as a CDMA one -.-

  • LTE is a technology, not a trademark by Verizon.

  • Derrick

    So the speeds get faster but their cap lowered to 2 gigs. Makes no sense. Pisses me off and now verizon is jumping on board

    They should of placed the plans at 5 gigs. That’s somewhat reasonable. Especially tethering

  • MrChris

    I just wish they would just unify the platforms and protocols that mobile phones use now days allowing for true interoperability of voice/video communications across all major networks. Im not talking about simple email/sms/video chatting. How far out do you think we are before we can have an IPhone on 1 end and a Android on the other natively talking voice and video at the same time without hacking your way into the phone? Could you imagine how digital video/voice communications would increase across all mobile phones if we where not so worried about having to pay extra just to share information to a single person?

    Point is that each network has its own fancy sounding name/feature set that sounds good on a big billboard, but chances are that NOT Everyone you communicate with digitally is on that same network.

  • I agree MrChris, they should really unify all platforms and protocols. This would really make sense, as with the amount of providers, platforms, protocols it can really get confusing for the average person.

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  • so, is (4G) going to unify all the carriers? standardized networking? if LTE is LTE does that mean that any 4G phone will work on any carriers 4G network? unification, freedom of carriers, and much faster speeds….. this is what we need!!

    I also like the idea of the next iPhone being named iPhone 4G!!! 😉

  • Jarron

    It’ll be nice to have 4G network.. You know as well as I do.. Apple gonna come up with new update for the iPhone 4 users..why create another phone called iPhone 4G.. With iPhone 4 already has A4 processor.. Once every carrier launch 4G.. You should be able to bounce off any cell tower.. Even if you bounced off verizons tower