Light Painting with the iPad

By , Sep 15, 2010

Communication agency Dentsu London worked on a project for one of their clients. Part of the brief was to “make the future magic”. The iPad truly is magical in this video.

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  • L0LZApll3f4ilh5

    Huh? Wh… why? Wouldnt it be easier to do a overlaping 3D effect after the image or video? LOLWUT

    this looks completely retarded … a way way cooler and way way way OLDER thing had Nokia with their phones. You typed the message and when you waved your phone , the sides of the phone had lights . And when you moved your phone left from right it would instantly “paint” messages on the air while you were waving your hand.In real time though, no video editing needed. It was pretty useless though…

    So, basicaly, This is a ripoff of sorts…and way more useless