Last week we reported that GreenPois0n might become the next iOS 4.1 jailbreak, and it turns out it now has its own dedicated website over at A quick look at the whois information for this domain name shows that it was created on September 11, 2009 by an anonymous registrant.

Redmond Pie believes it’s a sign that GreenPois0n is close to completion and that it might indeed be the next jailbreak for iOS 4.1. While that makes sense, I still have doubts for the simple reason that a website is no sign of a future release. We saw that with LimeRa1n before…

Do you remember how everybody in the community was getting excited over the Limera1n website? In the end, it turned out to be just a website and no jailbreak tool was ever released.

What do you think? Do you believe this newly updated website is a clear sign that a Greenpois0n jailbreak is just around the corner? Or like me, are you skeptical about the whole thing? Let us know what you think.

  • Eric

    sept 11, 2009? Is that a typo? Should it have been 2010? Just curious doubt anybody thought of a jailbreak name or site that long ago..but then again who knows.

    • No it’s not a typo. It was registered on 9/11/09. It makes sense though. The name Greepois0n has been around for a while so they registered it to make sure no one would if they ever used it.

  • Eric

    Oh and i am hoping its a jailbreak tool but i am skeptical with ya Sebastien.

    • cruz


  • cruz

    also skeptical

  • Dick Hurtz

    I think it’s a sweet ass logo they just changed it yesterday it use to be a wallpaper that said something gay but it had a Dev team chronic logo at the bottom so I’d guess if nothing else they updated the logo and are gonna at least link to the down load if it’s not gonna be unteathered. With all the hype that page is prob getting tons of hits right bout now

  • tonymaximus

    could this be geo on a spectacular come hmmmm

  • tom

    +1 in the skeptical column.

    we all know it’ll happen. But in due time i guess.

    4.2 beta just released. so 1 would somewhat assume that the next available jb would at least take a look at 4.2 to make sure it would work with that as well.

    just my 2 cents.

    • SillyBear

      Rumors are that the next JB will jailbreak all devices and all future OS updates. The only way for apple to patch it is with a hardware upgrade,
      ie: iPhone 5

  • Pete


  • U guys r bunch of ninnies

    • Tom

      You..dear sir are a douchbag! Get away from us if you have nothing to add.

      IMO we should know to take news like this with a grain of salt. I hope it’s true as I’m waiting to jailbreak my iPhone 4

  • axel Macintosh

    no more Jailbreaker after iOS4.1

  • Well, let’s just hope this is true. But then again we shouldn’t let our hope up too high.

  • confused

    ok i just dont get this not at all not one bit ive been tryin everything but im definitly not familiar with computers ive been gaven websites that give me ittle file thingys and i dont know what to do with them afterwards plz help me

    • Tom

      Jailbreaking is not for you mate…just enjoy your iPhone as Apple intends…

    • Burge

      Go and look at YouTube for help you should find a vid on there that will show you how…. Look for vids called I.e. How to jailbreak, something like that… Don’t give up, it’s not as hard as it looks and take your time

      • Cromartie

        I think this guy is taking the piss out of us, he is not serious about JB

  • Hey guys just to let you know, the website has also not been made for the iOS4.1 jailbreak using the SHAtter exploit. This website has not been updated since we were promised a jailbreak for the 3x firmware. If you look in the Sites Source Code (Go View > Page Source), you will see in the Metadata section it only contains (and this is quoted)

    iPhone 3.1,iPhone os 3,iphone os 3.1, ipodtouch 3rd gen,iphone 3gs

    This meaning that this website has not been updated in awhile. So this was most likely around already awhile ago. Hopefully this tool is actually released this time…

  • Fuck

    • Cromartie

      Android owner….who is cut because he is owned! Hahaha

  • Xorlathor
  • Nicolás

    I know that Greenpois0n is a trojan.
    Youtube has a lot of videos that demostrate supossed jailbreaks using Greenpois0n, but I could read in many websites that Greenpois0n is fake. I have an iPod Touch 2G MC model (8 GB). Nicolás