Yes, by the time you finished reading the title of this post, Foxconn produced about 5 iPhones. Now I let you imagine how many iPhones are made in the time it’s going to take you to read the rest of this post.

Last week we shared with you an article about where the iPhone is made, in which the CEO of Foxconn said his company makes 137,000 iPhones per day. If you do the math, that’s almost 1.6 iPhone per second…

I don’t know about you but I think that is an incredible number. Now if only Apple could make 1.6 white iPhone per second, that wouldn’t be too bad either.

What says you?


  • Eric

    Couldn’t wait any longer finally jua got a black one. Came with 4.0.2 so have no jailbreak. Need so many of those tweaks!

  • Mac

    Be patient have mercy on those poor
    employees those who realy deserve our
    thank and support and apple realy should
    take care of them .

  • Z

    I don’t think we are gonna see a white iPhone4, and doubt a lot of people really care at this point.

  • Cojendo

    I broke my jailbreak to get the sensor fix and HDR photo and it was worth it. So don’t feel bad about not getting it earlier. I did back up my blobs first though:-)

  • I think I read fast

  • Luis

    Why u just dont jailbreak ur iPhone to be white. Cydia most have that

  • Iphonejunky

    So if that many are made in a day why is there still a 3week wait to get one???!!! And why is apple releasing the 4 in other countries when tons of us in the US are still waiting!!