Forget those cheesy rumors about a Verizon iPhone! According to a person with proven knowledge of Apple’s future product plans, Apple will soon release a new version of its popular iPhone. According to our informant who’d rather remain anonymous, the new iPhone will be called iPhone 5G.

The iPhone 5G will be coming to Virgin Mobile just after the holidays. Sources familiar with the matter at Virgin Mobile confirmed that not only the iPhone 5G will be available on America’s smallest network, but it will also come in a white version, which I remind you still has to be made available for the iPhone 4…

Our tipster insured us that the iPhone 5G will come with 128GB of storage, a new screen boasting 27.8 more pixels, and a washer/drier (Pro version only).

We reached Apple PR department who declined to comment on this story ; clearly a sign we’re onto something.

  • Dadditude

    My sources tell me that in addition to the regular and pro version, there will also be a limited collectors edition, available only in pink, which includes not only a washer and dryer but also a refrigerator/freezer and a microwave

  • Joeyjojo

    Lol put my name down for a bit of that! 🙂

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  • icyhotonmynuts

    Wow, April Fool’s Day came late this year.

    • Will

      You literly made me laugh . The whole time I was thinking in my head that this article is full of shit then read your comment , apparently i wasn’t the only one thinking differently .

  • Angel

    get a good laught out of it!! lolz… it’s already rediculous with the rumor about T-mobile… now with Virgin Mobile? lol LMAO!!

  • Saz

    It will also come with a toilet paper dispenser!

  • Twitef21

    Will it give head while it’s at it


  • SoCoMagNuM

    im not going to lie…you had me til the washer and dryer. ill take my losses lmao.

  • MikeLo

    Lmao . I just hope other networks get iPhone, I have nobody to FaceTime with :-/

    • Jason masters

      I’ll FaceTime with you lol

      • KinGz

        Omg ive never used facetime either!!

    • Karen

      Me either… Well I turned it on once lol.

      • brent

        I tried it once with a coworker on the same wifi network. Didn’t work. Wouldn’t connect. I don’t know if it was the office wifi not allowing it somehow or a problem with one of our phones…

  • Chazz

    wait, how come only 27.8 more pixels? that doesn’t sound right to me. has this been verified? calling Apple now…

    • Will

      Let me know what they say …

  • topot

    Bullshit 🙂

  • Cojendo

    I just can’t wait till another site picks this story up and runs with it. I’m glad I found this website

  • KinGz

    All this talk about the iphone.. Where is the damn iRobot?

  • Ian

    Ok Seb, you really got me going there..! Very catchy title! 😀

  • John

    Lame posting

  • Mac

    Sebas this one does not make sense

    • Maybe because it’s a joke…

      • Karen

        Good One.

    • tomuky


  • Rafael

    A friend of mine has just called me and told me he had just seen the iPhone 5G, posted by a serious blog.
    As he said, I was fooled by Apple because I bought an obsolete “4G” phone.

  • Pete

    Hahahaha! Tooo good! Hahaha!

  • Eric

    Also what’s funny about that is virgin mobile is CDMA last time I checked!! Lolz

  • Thisdood

    I almost shit miself laughing. You got me good!

  • thefallen


  • Goofygreek

    Lmao. You had me until the 128gb hard drive. Lol

  • sushant

    We reached Apple PR department who declined to comment on this story ; clearly a sign we’re onto something.


  • TAKarran

    This is stupid.
    1. iPhone “5G” – the “_G” refers to the type of network its capable on, not the “generation” of the iPhone. hence: iPhone, iPhone 3G (3G networking), iPhone 3GS (same as 3G, only with more features), iPhone 4. there is no “G” in iPhone 4.
    2. Coming “Soon” – apple only releases one new iPhone per year to make more money
    3. “Virgin Mobile” – WTF!? There is no way on earth apple would put an iPhone on a minor carrier.
    4. “Pro Version” – apple does not deal with this “pro” shit. they make top-of-the-line products and overprice them.
    5. Ive had it up to here (see top of page) with iPhone 4 jokes! People – GET A LIFE AND A REAL JOB!

    • cool story bro

      It’s a joke, dude. Chill. If you lack the sense of humor required to enjoy it, then it’s obviously not for you.

  • Thisdood

    Yeah, theres no need to throw a fit. Of course its a joke!

    “and a washer/drier (Pro version only).”


  • JB Freak


    Umm, you do know the iPhone 4 is on virgin mobile right? Try Google bro. iPhone 4 is on their service. Not in the states, but in other countries. Apple never states what they are doing, since they assume everyone wants their old technology secrets. I don’t doubt this for many reasons, one reason being, Apple is losing money since they are behind the curve in mobile phones. Unless you JB this iPhone, its pretty much an old phone. Saying that, its a good move for them to spread their phone out to other companies and thus making more money. Apple being on AT&T is stupid, one because people some people don’t want AT&T, so they opt to get an android phone, two, its fucking a rip. I have an iPhone 4 JB on T-Mobile. If Apple allowed this service, how many people do you think would have iPhones. Other than that, they need to make more a phone more then once a year, because that is why people JB, being behind the curve of phones like the EVO, Nexus one and so on. The iphone is not the best selling phone anymore and yes, android does put a phone out like every fucking week, but that’s why they are selling the most now.

  • Alex

    Yeah.. and pinch to zoom will become more realistic.. zoom your fav toilet photo and shit in it..

  • Appleman

    dont bet on it fruitbotty,, apple will only launch then new thing in june/july 2011, its there cycle, they’ll just improve the current model, they dont want to cause a stoppage in sales of current model stock, its bad business practice, plus the problems with 4G are not major sale put off…

  • Appleman

    they’ll most possibly call it iPhone 4G not 5, also the 4g network should start surfaces around that time..


    one other thing someone else didnt point out is the screen, look at the GUI…
    iPhone OS 3.0, Apple are alowing jailbreaking all of a sudden? goodbye iphone 4 sales :p

  • Iphone 15g rulez

    tsk ive been ineed of a good laugh forever everybody knows that it will now be with verizon har har

  • Daniel

    Virigin mobile has iphone but not in the us yet in au check the link out

  • Liviu Romanu

    if it don’t make homeworks and don’t make holograms like in star wars it is don’t merrit :)))

  • Khoa

    On a more serous note, why does CDMA always mean Verizon? I would love to see the iPhone on Sprint.

  • hope

    I am getting one of the white ones when they come in to the store near my because i am going to be the frist of my friends to have a i-phone ans then the i-phone 5g rock them to the fullest


    lol she’s my mate john….trans lads

  • Jason masters

    Man I can’t believe this started as a joke but now virgin mobile does actually have the iPhone 4 lol!!!!

  • Princess

    I wanna get it.

  • anna

    they put tht since 2010 nd now its 2011 they bttr put it!

  • michael

    lol sept 14 is my birthday

  • leo

    yes girl