I find it interesting how the rumor mill operates. Last month every report out there had Verizon pegged as the next carrier to offer the iPhone which I still believe to be the frontrunner as well. Lately however the influx of rumors have centered around T-Mobile‘s aspirations for offering the Apple handheld.

Apple Hot News cites Engadget as saying that an executive vice president of Canada’s Quebecor claims that Apple is in the process of building a compatible iPhone for T-Mobile’s 3G network…

Apparently the exec said that Apple is building a AWS-compliant device and it should be announced “in the coming months”. I love how specific these rumors are. If I had a dollar for every source that wished to remain anonymous I’d be a millionaire.

Would you rather see the iPhone go with T-Mobile or Verizon? Perhaps you’d like it to stay exclusive with AT&T. Let us know your opinions at the equal opportunity center known as the comment box below.

  • October

    I have never been the wishy washy type when it comes to networks for some reason… I feel a certain loyalty to AT&T for some reason, I used to have Tmo b4, but I do feel Verizon might actually have the best coverage… So until it happens, it’s really hard to say… I’m happy for now until there is a choice…

    • KinGz

      Oo ur pretty! Lol

  • I was with T-Mobile before getting the iPhone and I was very satisfied with the coverage, pricing and the service offered.

    I then switched to AT&T and I have to admit I’ve never had problems with them. I can’t understand all the rage around AT&T.

    People can’t wait for the Verizon iPhone. As for me, I can’t wait for those people to be as disappointed by Verizon as they are now with AT&T, because let’s face it, Verizon is no better than AT&T or any other carrier for that matter.

  • Ilir

    iPhone to tmobile is a no brainer since iPhone is presently a gsm device and currently available on tmobile networks in Europe.
    For iPhone to go to Verizon the hardware would have to change to CDMA, not so simple. A brand new device would have to be engineered. My iPhone 3G has been unlocked and currently being used on the tmobile network, it’s just minor software changes.
    I predict tmobile iPhone available first followed by the iPhone on Verizons new hybrid network currently being developed nationwide.


    I have been with all the networks and they all have their ups and downs. I’ve had an iphone from day one and have been very happy with them even the the iphone 4 the wonders of jail breaking lol

  • MikeLo

    My iphone4 is on tmobile now , only wish 3G would work besides that everything is the same.

    • No visual voicemail either.

  • Ghettocowboy

    Tmobile actually works out better for me. I’ve been in 5 different states: Hawaii, California, New Mexico, Nevada, and Oregon. AT&T coverage wasn’t good in Nevada and New Mexico comparing to Tmobile. But the other 3 states, seem both work equally well since I stay mostly in the main cities.

  • Tbui123

    It’s really doesn’t matter which Carrier provide the service, I have used Sprint, Mobile One, US Cellular and I now have both AT&T and T-Mobile (way back when it was VoiceStream), as some one mentioned earlier, there are ups and down to each company, none are perfect and none are terrible either. My feeling is that if I pay $400, $500, $600 or $700 for an iPhone outright without getting it on a committed discounted contract rate (iPhone or any brand of phone), I should have the right to have it unlock and use it with any service or any way I like. I do understand if I signed a contract and have a commitment with AT&T, my phone stays unlock (until the contract is over). It’s ridiculous that Apple won’t unlock people’s iPhones even if they paid full retail for the phone.

    It doesn’t matter if the 3G is compatible with T-Mobile or not, if I choose to pay full retail for the phone knowing that the 3G is not compatible with T-Mobile (or any other Carrier), it should be unlocked, compatibility or not, that’s my problem, because I choose to buy it. But it should be unlock since I am willing to pay full retail price for it. Like Sebastian says: “any thoughts?”

  • Ghettocowboy

    I unlocked my iPhone but asking apple to unlock the phone is way too much even I am the one accused apple of having too much control. Since apple has an exclusivity with AT&T so they have the right to lock the phone. But jailbreaking is different. The phone should be jailbroken out of the box.

  • TS

    Tough question. I’ve heard from a few individuals with unlocked Iphones that T mobiles people are not quite as tech worthy regarding the phone but from first hand experience T mobile customer service reps are the best. Calm, friendly, do ont get rattled and are always willing to help, with a smile. I left T Mobile to go to AT&T with no bad blood. I bet the same would not happen in reverse. T Mobile seems to have better plans also. With ATT the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing and that is a big problem in itself. The phone though, I love it and so far really want the IP4, I’ll only have to learn how to hold it so I do not lose the signal. Maybe Mr. Jobs in his infinite wisdom can instruct me in that tactic. Night

  • Moe

    I find it hard to believe than in a market as big as North America, Apple still haven’t opened the possibility of maximising revenue by making it available to all carriers, especially when it’s been tried and tested in the UK and most of Europe. Granted, it runs on different GSM banding but surely that shouldn’t impede the network’s ability to deliver a quality service – not these days anyway. In the UK it’s easily the fastest selling phone having been made available on T-Mobile UK, Orange, 3 and Vodafone as well as O2 who were the exclusive network provider for the iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS up until earlier this year. Even Tesco Mobile (supermarket’s own network) have it!!

    The tariffs are priced very similarly, apart from Tesco who constantly remain sold out of iPhone 4’s because of their unlimited calls and texts package priced at £45 a month.

  • Lance Gilbert

    I would like to see T-Mobile USA offer the iPhone

  • Vicki Derks

    In 1996 I moved from Missouri to Washington state. At that time I was 4 months into a 2 year contract with AT&T. They however did not have coverage in Washington in 1996. They held me to my contract. I had to pay for 20 months for a phone service I could not use. AT&T will not get another dime from me. PERIOD! I’m loving my iPhone on TMobile. As was said before, their service folks are the best to work with and are very helpful. Any of the plans are going to have areas they are stronger and also weaker. On the whole I am happy with TMobile and have no plans to switch. I do think sooner rather than later TMobile will get the iPhone. When they do, I will update my 2G phone. I will probably wait for 4G though.

  • Nick

    T-Mobile gives solid deals and is the best company in terms of privacy rights. I’ve been with multiple carriers and T-mobile has given me the least hassle of all of them.

    I’m really hoping T-mobile gets the iPhone soon. I refuse to go with AT&T, and I’m not a fan of Verison either.

  • thom

    Personally I’m hoping for T-Mobile myself. I like their rate plan and service plus Verizon is the bigger dog now and I like to see the little guy get a chance.

  • I’ve been with Verizon and Sprint, but have been the longest with T-Mobile and would consider moving to AT&T for the iPhone as I am a lifetime Mac person, but I like T-Mobile’s coverage and service, so am anxiously awaiting Apple and T-Mobile to get the deal done.

  • steve

    T-mobile has been very good to me , so as far as the Iphone goes ( which I have a 3GS working on T-mobile ) I will stay with T-mobile and hope that a small miracle will happen and the Iphone will be available on T-mobile as they already have a pretty good Iphone suport department already in place
    IMHO, GO T-MOBILE and git-er-done

  • zander

    i would prefer T-Mobile as it offers a a better plan; unlimited texting data and calling for 65-80 a month and AT&T would charge more amd will only give u 2gb of data a month.

  • DJ

    I have an unlocked UK iPhone 4 and cut my USA T-Mobile sim down to fit and it works great. Plans are more cost effective on T-Mobile than ATT.

  • RobertM

    T-Mobile offers 1500 minutes of talk time, unlimited text and unlimited web at a better rate then AT&T by far, and T-Mobile has a faster network as well. Unlocked iPhones are available for use with T-Mobile but I would rather be able to buy and use and have access to tech support without any problems. T-mobile is the better, friendlier company and according to unbiased tech-heads T-Mobile is also the biggest worldwide network. AT&T is by far the greediest and non-caring telecommunications company. As an avid Mac supporter, I look forward to T-Mobile offering internet service as well, which is technologically possible now, and then I could once and for all disengage completely from AT&T. Wouldn’t that be nice? Come one T-Mobile and Apple, step it up!