So were you a bit annoyed when Steve Jobs introduced the new HDR features of iOS 4.1 and  realized it wouldn’t apply to your iPhone 3G or 3GS? Well stop being annoyed because apparently there will be a jailbreak app for that.

BGR highlighted a tweet from iOS developer Will Strafach that states the following:

Made a Cydia tweak to allow HDR photos on 4.1 for the iPhone 3G and 3G[s]

As iDB reported there is a rumored jailbreak coming for iOS 4.1 that is said to work on all the devices running the new version of the operating system. So those of you using the previous iPhones, be patient.


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  • Dadditude

    This is great news for everyone with older iPhones! Way to go, jailbreak community!

    The jailbreak community: doing what Apple won’t since 2007.

  • John

    HDR is over rated. I’m running it and all it does is auto creates a “enhanced” copy which is the same results if you use photo shop mobile. In some cases the photo looks worse.

  • appletiser

    sorry but folks have no reason to be unhappy. pseudo HDR has been available for so long it’s hardly a new idea even for pre iPhone 4 users. there are numerous apps that have been available for months that allow two images at either end of the exposure spectrum to be merged into one picture – although it has to be said the results are far inferior to what can be achieved with Photomatix or similar.

  • Ryan21

    It’s out!

  • milika

    its a hoax, so far
    I’ve jb my 3gs on 4.1 and by no tutorial i can get hdr working…
    bah, who needs it 😀