You just knew that when antenna problems showed up for the iPhone 4, there would be refurbished devices for sale soon. Heck, I went through 2 spare models and am on my 3rd iPhone 4.

9 to 5 Mac reports that AT&T is now selling the refurbished devices for $150 for 16GB or $250 for the 32GB. For those under a rock that’s $50 cheaper than normal.. 

There’s nothing much more to report other than if you’re debating on if you could afford the iPhone 4 you’ve just been offered some consideration and options. Let us know if you know of anyone or plan on taking advantage of this yourself.

  • Mac

    Hi Ethan and seba
    I typed Flash Video on apple store
    and I found and app with flash logo
    9.99 dollar did not buy it

  • Jason masters

    It’s an ebook nothing special

  • Turbo

    My 3G was a refurbished one and it worked great. Now we may try to get my wife one of the refurb ip4

  • Shahezad

    i would try getting one for myself as refurbs aint that bad.. though i dont know if its available in the UK and what would the price be..

  • Eric

    I had a refurbished 3G for almost 2 years without a problem. Just got iPhone 4 last sat. Not worth refining got 50 dollars.

  • refurbed phones are the same ….. as long as you get the same warranty WHO CARES if it’s refurbished!?!?!? I wouldn’t care ….. that’s for sure!!

  • Irha

    Couple of days back I ordered a new iPhone 4 when I knew about the refurbs for $50 less, mainly because I wanted to get the free 1yr extended warranty from my CC (refurbs and used items are not covered). IMHO, the extra $50 is worth the extra warranty.

  • Ghettocowboy

    Those are prolly belong to Sebastien dead phone that he returned and apple brought them back from the grave. $50 is too little of a discount. Refurbished 32gb should be around $150 to $175

  • shanice

    Just ordered my refurb 32 GB on friday 🙂

  • Oscar14A

    Sebastien so what your saying is I can walk into AT&T and buy an iPhone 4 for 150 without a plan, and do I have to have at&t

    • No you’ll still be required to get a 2 year contract.

  • Bianca

    Could I upgrade my 3G to a refurbished iPhone 4?

  • Bill

    I just the words “new activation required” on the AT&T site.