An unofficial version of PwnageTool is going around the interwebs. This tool will supposedly jailbreak the iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.1. Needless to say that I do not recommend using this since it hasn’t been approved by the Dev Team. However this method seems to work according to comments on iSpazio site (in Italian, mind you).

As usual with these crappy releases though, you have to fit in the crazy pre-requisites:

  • You must be on 3.1.2 jailbroken with Blackra1n or PwnageTool, or
  • You must be on firmware 3.1.x jailbroken with Sn0wbreeze, or
  • You must be on 3.1.x or newer jailbroken with PwnageTool

So basically, there are probably 4-5 people that are able to use this tool.

You can download this unofficial version of PwnageTool from here. The steps remain the same (see tutorial here).

If you dare trying this, I’d like to know how it went. Let us know.

  • Stefan

    Anyone tried this yet? I will probably try it now πŸ˜‰

    going to 3.1 now πŸ˜‰ which me luck ;9 xD

    • Mast3rShan3

      Make sure you save all necessary SHSH just invade something goes wrong. And I don’t think I’ll get away from 3.1.3 anytime soon.

  • Spaz

    Let us know, even tho im on 3G πŸ™

  • Mast3rShan3

    In case* not invade stupid iPhone auto correction lol

  • Burge

    Only works on old bootrom

  • Z

    Interesting prerequisites. Just like you said, Sebastien, 4-5 people can actually use it.

  • rob356

    I’m thinking of doing it. I have old bootrom 3GS on 4.0, jailbroken with pwnagetool. This should work the same way the 3.1 to 3.1.2 and 3.1.2 to 4.0 worked. Since you have a broken chain of trust with iBoot and we have a bootrom exploit (24Kpwn) it can get in an unsigned firmware. The only necessary changes to pwnage tool are the kernel patches and checking various jailbreak programs (cydia) for compatibility.

  • Who would go back to 3.(anything) after the 4.0 firmwares release.

    • Diogo

      i would if i could… but mine came oem 4.0, so screw it i dont have blobs for 3.(whatever). I would do so cuz some stupid apps got weird working on 4.0 and got fixed only a while ago (i.e. MyWi/My3g/some navigation apps), and some just still doesnt (ndrive/igo/some guitar apps) so i think some apps just run smoothly on 3.(who give a shit)

  • Jose

    yay… i am 1 of the 4-5 people, 3gs 3.1.2 with old bootrom, firmware 4.xx.xx

  • Cosmic Link

    I already saw this on redmond Pie, and have already tried it. but nobody seems to be posting there… πŸ™

    Anyway, as I said, I have tried this. I have a 3gs old bootrom on 4.0 jailbroken with pwnagetool. I successfully made my custom firmware and it installed fine. I’ve got signal and all other basic iPhone functionality seems fine, besides Safari crashing, which requires a fix as mentioned in the tutorial. Only problem is, to install the fix you need to get onto Cydia dnthat is my problem. i can’t get onto Cydia… πŸ™ Just kicks me straight back out to the springboard everytime I try to launch it. I tried various different ways to installing and creating custom firmwares, but keep having the same problem. I even downgraded all the way back to 3.0, jailbroke with redsn0w and then tried to update to 4.1, but the same problem… >.<

    On the original iSpazio guide there are alot of replies back saying that this has worked for them. So i guess it's just luck of the draw and i was unlucky… πŸ™

    Just thought i'd share my experience! ^o^

  • Jose Trincao

    Tried it. After flashing iTunes tells me it restored the phone to 4.1, but I just get the apple logo on my 3gs. Going back to 4.0.1.

  • Anthony

    I did it and i have a 3Gs….nothing happend, it just went back to the way it was before hand, cydia did not appear!!

  • Ryan

    I used it when it first came out. Used FW umbrella to block baseband upgrade. I now have a 3G[S] 4.1 with unlock. I did have to install a patch from Cydia. No problems here though.

  • kenjubas

    I don’t know if this works but, in order to restore to custom firmware you must:
    1)have old bootrom iPhone 3GS
    2)downgrade to 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 and pwn it using redsn0w, blackra1n or pwnagetool (jailbreakme doesn’t work) For 3.1.3 you can use spirit (must install spirit2pwn before trying to upgrade to 4.1 custom) Otherwise you’ll get 1600 in DFU or 1604 in restore mode.
    If you made your custom with pwnagetool 4.1 (unofficial) then ultrasn0w won’t work (you phone will lag alot and will be stuck at “Searching”)
    Here is a link to custom I made using pwnagetool 4.0.1 and a 3GS bundle from msft.guy. It has updated kernel to make ultrasn0w work perfectly on 4.1 . You also won’t need safari fix and cydia will work fine.

    You do need original sim to activate your phone.
    This will preserve whatever baseband you are on.
    ultrasn0w will work if your modem is <=5.13.04
    tested on xx939