Oh no they didn’t dare. Tell me this is just a bad joke. This is a bad joke, right? No. Apprently not. Microsoft marketing department has so much money and so little creativity that they put up a funeral parade for Blackberry and iPhone in celebration of the launch of Windows Phone 7.

This is just the most pathetic attempt at generating buzz for a product. I seriously hope that someone got canned at MSFT for approving this desperate parade.

It can’t be worse than that. Oh wait, yes it can! They also engaged in a Thriller dance.



  • Mickey Mouse

    wow how seriously embarrassing for Microsoft

  • WTF?

  • dogdream

    lol WTF???

  • Will

    WTF is this , is this a joke ? Weird ass fucken people … Wow …

  • akag9

    Aah, all rhat is to boost esprit de corps. No big deal. I really want WIN 7 phones to be a solid competitor. Will push Apple and Android to push the envelope further. Competition is great!

  • AppleBits

    That’s AWESOME!! Nothing like a little self-gratis BEFORE they’ve even seen where their little gadget will go….. Bad PR work…seriously.

  • John


  • Mandingo

    A bit cheesy but not that bad. The immediate hatred of anything Microsoft makes/does makes no sense here until I see the name of this site/blog. lol

  • Rainrose

    BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Have Bill Gates seen this one? LMAO!!!!!

  • Come on, guys. It’s fun n’ games. See the humor. I welcome a fun spirited and youthful Microsoft back. It’s been to much of dull enterprise blahblahblah from WinMobiie for too long. Keep it up, WinPhone7-team!

  • Kam

    Hahahaha lmao
    A new app in app store with we killing people going in funeral with snipers hahahaha

  • DarkReaper

    It’s all in the name of fun! Everybody else’s doing this kind of thing, right??

  • tbui123

    Fun is good, but Windows Phone 7 will never catch up with iPhone IOS, for the last 5 years, I have given Windows Mobile so many chances (Several Palm Phones, HTC recently), they will never catch up, millions of people use iPhone because it is the most user friendly of all, and their operating system doesn’t freeze up all the time like Windows Mobile.

  • callingyouout

    Hey Author, i know your a big Apple fan which makes you an automatic Microsoft hater, but you run a blog please get your facts straight. Microsoft does these types of parades every year and PR has nothing to do with it. You apple fans are so predictable would a little research kill you?

    • Hey Anonymous Commenter,

      I know you’re not a big Apple fan which makes you an automatic Microsoft lover, but when you comment on a blog you don’t know please get your facts straight. I don’t care if MSFT does these types of parades every year but I’m still pretty sure their marketing department runs it. If you read this blog, you’d know that I’m anything but a fanboy. Can’t you admit the “we’re gonna burry RIM and Apple” move is pathetic? If not, you should reconsider who the real fanboy is here (hint: that’d make you a msft fanboy).

      No hard feelings. I love having new people come and share their views here. It’s good to have non-Apple users here too πŸ™‚

      The Author

      • Z

        Why does everyone call you a fanboy? It must be all the iPhone gadgets and accessories you like…

      • Hey Author,

        Will it be possible to design the comment system so that you click like or recommend comments made ? Such as the one in Mashable.

        Great blog πŸ™‚

      • I’ll take that into consideration

  • Gabriel

    But we all know damn well 3/4 of the people have iPhones in their pockets…haha! FACT! The hearse is a little much, but just love the MJ, Thriller montage!

  • Monkey

    It is hilarious. Apple has the Lunatically Arrogant Steve Jobs Running the Show. MS hired crazy weird A$$ people for this parade. Whats next?? is google gonna have a religious ritual ceremony for their new phone???

  • Z

    I love Microsoft – bunch of donkeys. Buy I’m a PC and Windows 7 was MY idea, and those mofos stole it! Damn it! lol

  • BrainCluster

    Oh cmmon dude… And Apple’s “Get a Mac” commercials were very mature and objective… yeah right… And they were running it for 3 years in wich they clearly dissed Microsoft and Windows directly numerous times… And if those commercials were a joke then this parade is a joke too…

  • T-Mizzle

    Windows has mobile??

  • This is just creepy.

    Can you imagine Apple hosting a parade like this? This is just more indication that the iPhone is the device to beat.

    Was the Kin present at this parade?

  • Kam

    Fanboy we r ur fan for keeping us posted wid “Apple’s latest news ” πŸ˜€ ty

  • They forgot to put the Kin in the funeral. Because that’s just as dead as any mobile phone right now. πŸ˜›

  • sk@tta

    Where is the video of the funeral parade

  • Rob

    Chuh Windows Want To Bury Apple? where Have They Been For The Last 4/5 Years…

  • The funny thing is that most of them would probably have an iPhone on them πŸ˜›

    • Z

      Or a pair of WinMobile phones: 1 for calling and 1 for web browsing, pager for texting and a memory card to use a ReadyBoost feature to spead up the phone (like on win7) =)
      Shit, that takes a lot of pockets to replace an iPhone…

  • Ghettocowboy

    @Z, I wouldn’t say that. even iOS 4 does not support true multi-tasking. Windows 7 mobile will have multi-tasking and it is true multi-tasking not the pseudo-multi-tasking seen in iOS4

    • Z

      My answer to you is Backgrounder. So let’s not confuse capabilities with Apple’s restrictive ways.

      • akag9

        Well, that’s not exactly correct… I doubt MS will void your warranty if you use “full” multitasking. As for Backgrounder…

        I don’t think MS 7 phone will be as good as iPhone or Android. First version of MS products never are. But they will improve. Look at Win 7, Xbox 360, even damn IE…

        And Apple will make better products because of competition. As will Android… What’s wrong with this?

  • Tbui123

    Unless it’s a big improvement from Windows 6.5, windows mobile multitasking freezes half of the time. What;s the point.

  • Nate

    Its nice to see that even microsoft can admit that they are gonna be destroyed by android.

    • akag9

      And the video of the event (or pictures) was shot on EVO. Irony…