The other day I was having a conversation about the iPhone with my friend Kayle. Kayle still owns and uses the original iPhone, which really is what started the conversation. I told Kayle I was impressed he was still using this older phone, but in the same time I wasn’t surprised because he’s the kind of guy who likes vintage stuff, and likes to be different from others.

To him, it didn’t make sense to buy a newer iPhone and he asked me if there was really a big difference between the original iPhone and the iPhone 4, besides the obvious new features. Really what Kayle was trying to say was that the iPhone hasn’t changed enough to justify purchasing a newer model. Worse, he went as far as saying that the iPhone was getting old. He’s right. But he’s wrong too. Let me explain…

Sure the iPhone has a bunch of new features (more RAM, better camera, better battery life, etc…) but really the UI hasn’t involved much. It’s still the same slick and easy user interface. Kayle’s point was to say that Apple hasn’t reivented anything since the first iPhone came out back in 2007.

This is true. I couldn’t agree more with Kayle that Apple hasn’t reivented anything since 2007. Does it have to though? My point to Kayle was that the iPhone is a fairly young device. It’s only 3 years old, and in its 3 years of existence, it has seen some major hardware improvements, and it is so young that it doesn’t need an overhaul.

To illustrate my point, I compared the iPhone to an iMac. Has the iMac really changed within the last 3 years? No. Has the operating system on the iMac changed much in the last 3 years? No. It hasn’t brought any significant improvement to make you want the newer iMac (unless you’re a fanboy who needs the latest and greatest of course).

I also took a car as a point of comparison. Has the Audi A3 changed much since 2007? No. Is there any radical change brought to the inside or outside of the car? No.

So why would you expect so much from the iPhone that you wouldn’t expect from any other product? It’s all because of the hype. The hype that the iPhone is the best phone out there is forcing us to expect more and more from the iPhone. I’m at the front line of the iPhone critics and I really am eager to see more new and exciting features on the iPhone, but I think I set my expectations too high.

This is just a phone after all.

Is the iPhone getting old? Absolutely not. The iPhone is still in its infancy and we haven’t seen anything yet. I think we just have to be patient.

  • appletiser

    when a company releases a product that is more or less spot on from the start it leaves little to be changed. the user interface, imo, would be hard to improve, i don’t know of many other products that are so intuitive to use out of the box. i like changes but rushed ones often end up being for the worse so in that regard im happy to wait for whatever is in the pipeline 🙂

  • Talpur

    I Really and Truly Agree That iPhone Is Young and Hot And Wanted. In Its Prime and As Far As OS Goes The Changes By JailBreak Community Has Changed The Look and Feel Of The Original But Kept The Beauty Of It.
    I Have iPhone And Cannot Even Dream To Live Without One.
    God Bless All.
    And Thank You.

    • Jon Garrett


      you said “Young Hot and Wanted” are we still talking about a phone? lol.

      • Talpur

        Surely Yes.
        But Thats How I See It.
        My Mrs Calls My iPhone ” Your Life “.
        Its Vital Part Of Our Lives.

  • Angi

    As you know I rocked my 1st gen till the 4 came out. Up till then there really weren’t enough new features for me to want an upgrade. Basically jb apps kept it doing everything the newer ones did up till tne 4. And I still use my old friend regularly…as a car dedicated iPod, for a few games I have
    on there, and for when u need 2 devices running. When my Internet was out for a WEEK recently I was sure happy to have an available modem sitting out in my glove box!

  • yure dtre sedrew skiht vbfdefh dvgefwyru vdefr4y. (this is a new language , it means that ……… i cant tell you its secret.) 😉

  • Spaz

    Interesting point! and very true, i geuss im a fan boy, becuase i want the latest 1 everytime, well i always have with mobiles, shame i cant afford the new 1 🙁

  • @redhotbabe people like you should be in jail right now rotting. GET A LIFE.

  • MikeLo

    Am I the only 1 that’s soooooo board with iPhone . I had all since 1st gen to the 4 but it dosnt do anything for me anymore . Guess I’m just use to it, although I believe it is the best phone on the market.

  • October

    I love it, I love each new feature they roll out w/ on each new phone and will always want to try out the latest & greatest, I think the iP4 is far superior, I’m in love w/ the retina display, it has kept me from putting it down since I got it!

  • iKing

    I don’t think the iPhone is getting old at all. I just recently upgraded from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4. Immediately when people find out I’m bombarded with offers ranging from $150-$250 as well as their old phone. The iPhone may be old but almost everyone still wants one.

  • Rainrose


  • Kam

    If apple reinvents then apple will have two diff . Models of phones… One of the reasons we possess iPhone is that even after 3 long years it still beats so many diff models of HTC n moto 🙂 isn’t it?

  • T-Mizzle

    The iPhone is the mark of the devil!!!!!!! Read about it in Revelations!!!!

    …..just KIDDING lmao

  • pili

    “The iphone hasnt changed enuff to justify purchasing a new model.” dude, where the heck have u been. Youre gonna wanna upgrade that fossil when you realize the OS’s are gonna fk up your 2G/3G models performance.

  • Sean

    i just sold my iphone 2g unlocked and jail broken on ebay two months ago for $160 shipped!!!!!!

  • Still have my brand new iphone 2g in box…I call it the iPhone classic

  • Matt

    Yes the iPhone is young but when companies release newer versions of a certain product they should make major changes. They shouldn’t have a new iPhone every year. Make a new model every two years and make major changes. Continue making system upgrades but have bigger physical changes. (home button could be touch, slide out keybored, Bluetooth compatible for all devices not just iphones, ect)

  • Luis

    @Matt, wtf? apple is one of the few companies (not to tell the only one) that makes just one phone a year, you have any idea how many motorola/nokia etc phones make a year? I love how people talk just to say something, i got my iphone 4 after having a 3gs, and i mean its 300 bucks for the latest wifi technology/internet/mail/gaming, pictures/video camera with flash device. and the most noticeable point is that i sold my 3gs for 360 and bought my iphone 4 for 299, how is that not a damn deal

    iPhone hasn’t changed enough to justify purchasing a newer model.??????? it have improved every single aspect!

    even that i haven’t seen much people having the same crappy phones for more than 2 years, most carriers give free phones for upgrading contract. compare the improvements in others company’s mobile phones before arguing about how slow is your iphone growing… no match

  • Nate

    in the first paragraph you want to say evolved not involved.