I am still kind of in disbelief about Apple’s recent and sudden restriction removal regarding the App Store guidelines. Getting reports like the following from BGR make it very real in my eyes.

Sean Kovacs, the developer of GV Mobile (Google Voice Mobile), has posted a tweet that all but says the once banned application will be likely gracing the presence of the virtual store. It reads:

Good news: I did get confirmation back from Apple that it will most likely get back in once I resubmit.

This is just the latest announcement coming from a previously restricted app and saying that under the new guidelines there is nothing to stop them. Adobe has reported similar experiences with Flash based apps being accepted.

How many of you are ready for Google Voice to be back in the App Store? I know it gets a lot of press so I am curious to see how many people are actually awaiting its arrival. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • This would be cool. However, I think those of us that paid the $2 for GV+ in Cydia are going to get the shaft and have to pay for it again.. He could give out promo codes…

    • akag9

      I think he said he’ll have it free for a day to get more users. Sean seems to be a sensible man. He’ll find a way to keep us happy. IMHO.

      • true. not that $2 is a lot, just the principle. he’s been responsive to emails in the past so i’ll hope for the best out of this too…

  • Nancy

    I need out so badly I wouldn’t mind paying twice. While the web solution works with the shortcuts out is not as good and is a bit of a pain.

  • Jim

    I am very much looking forward to a Google Voice App on Iphone.

  • Garypsu

    I have GV from Cydia. It works well enough. I’ll wait to see.

  • BigLar59

    I would love the new App. Way to Go GOOGLE

    • it’s acutally not Google, it’s an independant developer who made the app using GV public API…

  • Sophia

    C’mon, I just spent two hours installing and setting up Google Voice, only to find out that the app is not available! Google voice still works with the iPhine, but it would be SOOOO nice to get visual email + transcription with the app.

    • akag9

      Sophia, is your iphone jailbroken? Cydia has GV mobile + app. It’s decent.

  • akag9

    I wonder if Apple will let one GV app back AND still “review” Google version indefinity… Also, how about Latitude? Cydia has placetrack – it works great. Do they violate any guideline? Will they try to get into appstore? Will Google re apply?

  • tbui123

    If you have a phone plan with unlimited minutes, text and data plan, then why bother to use all the other things like mobile google voice? I think the fastest way to talk to someone is just hot speedial, “hello”, “goodbye”, done. I see people spent way too much time typing text, or logging into google voice, skype, etc. Just use tho old fashion speedial, done. We have too much technology for our own good, it’s more like for us to play with it, not to be more productive. I can have a 1 minute phone call and covers what some people spent 5 minutes texting back and forth to each other.

  • Christina

    I can’t wait for the app to work!!