In the wake of an FTC investigation, Apple decided yesterday to loosen its restrictions on iOS app development and published full guidelines about applications submitted for review in the App Store.

These guidelines aim at helping developers understand how Apple reviews applications. To quote Apple, “we hope it will make us more transparent and help our developers create even more successful apps for the App Store.”

Well, speaking of transparency, can someone at Apple explain to me why Apple’s iMovie application for iPhone violates their own guidelines?

Section 2.10 from the guidelines says the following:

iPhone apps must also run on iPad without modification, at iPhone resolution, and at 2X iPhone 3GS resolution.

Last time I checked (5 minutes ago), you weren’t even able to install iMovie on the iPad. So what’s up, Apple?

[Thanks Bert for the tip]

  • Will

    Lol, ouch !

  • rizo


  • Slut machine

    Why does it even matter?

  • KinGz

    Isnt it because that 4.2 update? I read something about it somewhere that some apps required the 4.2 update. The 4.2 is suppose to be the ipads 4.1?

    • Burge

      But this is apples policy now ! Not when 4.2 comes out

  • Burge

    Send that to steve jobs, and let us know what he says !

  • I smell hypocracy.. Nothing new though.

  • RG

    iPad does not have a camera…yes yes..certainly could be used to edit, but iMovie is presented on the iPhone as being able to capture images or movies from the camera, proccess, edit and share.

    The iPad would only be able to do the three last, not capture, hence the application is NOT design for the iPad (as per apple point of view)

    • David

      The iPad can import video recorded on an external camera via the Camera Connection Kit, so lacking a built in camera is irrelevant.

  • Z

    iMovie is iPhone 4 app only. I tried installing it on 3GS and it said that I must have an iPhone 4 since iMovie is only iPhone 4 camera compatible.

    • appletiser

      not entirely true, im running v1.0.1 on a jb’d 3GS with an install from the repo. downside is that i can only export at medium (360p) quality, anything higher results in a export error.

  • thib

    I don’t see how there is a conflict at all. I read the quote to mean that if the iPhone apps is to run on the iPad at all, it must run without modification. It is not saying that all iPhone apps must be able to be run on iPads. It is saying IF they are to run on iPad, they must run WITHOUT modification.

    No conflict there at all. I think it’s your reading comprehension that might need a little touching up?

  • AdamC

    The only conflict I see is the author trying to get hits with this article.

    Btw what is the purpose of imovie that is to edit movies and can you shoot a movie with the iPad.

  • The reason iMovie doesn’t install on an iPad is not because the iPad doesn’t have a camera, or because iMovie is an iPhone 4 app only.

    It’s simply because the iPad doesn’t run iOS 4.x yet. As soon as Apple releases iOS 4.2 for the iPad, I would suspect that iMovie will indeed install on the iPad.

    Actually, my currently complaint with iMovie is that it doesn’t run on iOS 4.0.1! The latest update makes iMovie only run on iOS 4.1 and up. Meaning that anyone who jailbroke their iPhone can’t run the latest update until the Jailbreak community gets an iOS 4.1 jailbreak up and running.

  • Killasmitty

    Who cares maybe the rules don’t apply to apple besides it’s their store they would be able to do what ever they want

  • wiifan

    To comment on an apple app is silly and a waste of cyberspace. Apple can do what ever they want on their own platform. If others want to play with apple then do as apple says. Or develop on a crappy OS. thib hit this right. Great observation thib.

  • Brandon

    iMovie is also available for iPod touch 4th gen

  • Tristan

    The iPod nano (5th gen) can record movies. When on your computer you can import them. I got those clips on to many apps off of the appstore like ifiles. imovie should be able to get at these clips. Since these apps alow me to watch them. When you click on buttons that say, “Open in new app” and then it lists many options of apps you have previously downloaded. If imovie could do this, it could get up there with the iwork apps. Put it this way. The imovie on ipad would be no different from imacs (if they optimized to it). The only difference would be no webcam=no big problem.