ModMyI reports that SaurikIT LLC just acquired Rock Your Phone Inc. In other words, Cydia bought Rock. Cydia has always been the installer of choice for most of us, but Rock was slowly getting traction, especially for some of its advanced features like the ability to back up your packages.

If you didn’t think the jailbreak community was a big business on its own, then it’s time to think again. Just like in the App Store, there is a lot of money to be made from applications, especially for those offering a marketplace like the App Store and Cydia.

Details of the acquisition have not been made public, but here’s what it means to you: will essentially dwindle away. There will be a transitional period for the next 10 days where users can purchase/download apps and licenses in Rock. After that, users will use their Cydia Store login to retrieve their purchased apps. The large majority of themes/apps from Rock will be moved over to Cydia (most are already there right now). Rock will have a notice on it’s first page, and APT updates will discontinue in the near future (so Rock would be useless even if you had it).

There’s always been an ongoing battle between Cydia and Rock. I for myself have always preferred Cydia over Rock but I admit that it started growing on me. Its ease of use, its speed and the fact that it backs up your packages was a very big deal for me. It seems that we’re not gonna have much options anymore and we’ll solely have to deal with the slow Cydia from now on, which according to Saurik should see some updates in the near future:

Rock’s backup feature will be coming to Cydia. Rock only had faster loading because it did not honor APT correctly, so there were numerous buggy situations where you got screwed: there was even a recent time when Rock was screwing up an installation so core that everyone had to restore… Rock’s speed was just because it was sloppy.

Since jailbreaking was made legal a few weeks ago, there’s been more and more focus on what used to be considered an underground activity. I’ve always been in favor of a healthy and competitive market that gives options to users. I don’t think it’s going to happen anymore now that the two major installers are becoming one.

What do you think?

  • Will

    Interesting …

  • What I think is that I use Rock more often than I use Cydia, because frankly, Cydia sucks. It’s just slow as hell, and if being sloppy is what it takes, then get sloppier.

    The fact that it takes 2 whole freakin’ minutes from launch until you can press any button whatsoever in Cydia is ridiculous. Optimize that damn thing already. Why is it loading all this crap into memory at the beginning in the first place? For crying out loud, load as needed only!

  • October

    The only thing I disliked about Cydia was that it seemed hard to navigate IMO, because with the list style u have to click each entry to see function, pricing or pictures… The other thing is each of those detail pages was riddled with advertisements that took what seemed like minutes to load…

    I had my iPhone 3GS j/b a week before my new purchase so I didn’t have a lot of time to learn my way around, but I liked that I could browse my computer on Rock, much faster and more accessible…

  • Michael

    No big deal as long as the transition is smooth and the backup feature is implemented in Cydia soon.

  • slowhand

    I switched to Rock the day it hit the market and never looked back since!
    Of course, I kept Cydia, too, because I couldn’t add some of the sources in Rock – but Rock has always been my primary installer.
    So this really bugs me.
    It’s nice to hear that the backup feature will start becoming available on Cydia, though…

    But it’s really not about which one you like better or which one outperforms the other – it’s a matter of having a choice!
    And if Cydia takes away that choice, it is delibirately working its way to the kind of monopolist bullshit jailbreakers have been fighting against!

  • Burge

    There goes another icon on my first page of my iPhone. Now there is room for iDB icon.
    I’ve been using Rock for a month now and I like it, but I have always liked Cydia more so iam not really to bothered if it goes .

  • Z

    Love the second paragraph, Sebastien. Exactly my point all along, a healthy, profitable business that is going through transition. Imagine the decline of that business if JB was to be a paid feature. With the speed of PAID apps and tweaks appearing on Cydia all of a random sudden, and, on the other hand, Apple opening their gates… I kinda sense some major competition going on there.

    However, I’m expecting some major updates coming from Saurik. I believe in better Graphical UI, faster speed and multitasking abilities of Cydia. And of course something needs to be done about them damn bad URLs! =)

  • EagleyeSmith

    Yes! As long as I get restore from backup! Whoooo! Go Cydia & Rock! That’s the only thing that I used from Rock really.

  • Lucky guys , I am at 4.02 no cydia for me yet but there is hope!

    • AD

      nice tits

  • yeah, it Rocks..

  • SoCoMagNuM

    I honestly liked Rock better than Cydia due to the bootup speed, UI, the backup feature after every install/update/removal plus easy transfer process from old to new devices. Yes Cydia was more “accessable” but frankly the speed of boot up and lack of multitasking was/is just unsatisfactory for me. Via Rock i can install apps and continue browsing before i could initiated the reboot. Cydia forces reboot after every install. Thats like me installing apps on my pc/laptop and having to reboot my computer after each install. Thats f**kin’ tedious.

    Side note: What happens to all my licenses from Rock after the migration? What i liked about Rock is that once i purchased an app from them and say upgraded my idevice i could just log into my Rock acct and transfer all purchases to new device with no hassle thus deactivating old device. My experience from Cydia is when i purchased an app it was tied only to my device and if i were to upgrade to a new device i would have to purchase again >_<.

    Sigh…damn monopolies…way to take away choice once again.

    • Juan

      Cydia allows you to link numerous devices to your account. I usually pay for an app once and put it on my phone and my mothers… Rock is *not* like. One login is tied to one device.

  • rhoddy01

    I’ve never had a problem using Rock. I prefer it to Cydia. I was offered a way to change my root password after installing Rock and booting for the first time. Did Cydia do this? Um, no. Also SoCoMagNum made a good point. I was able to easily transfer all my apps to my iPhone 4 in Rock. The whole process was smooth and painless. I hope Cydia make some major changes.

  • Zuzi Jo

    Yeah I’m stuck wiv a new Iphone4 waiting for a JB …. what happens to my licences if the JB Ddoesnt come in the next 10 days?

    • SoCoMagNuM

      Why cant you jailbreak?

      • If it’s a new iPhone, it probably has 4.0.2 on it. He won’t have SHSH files stored from 4.0.1 since he never would have had it, so he’s most likely stuck on 4.0.2 (or upgraded to 4.1) until SHAtter is released.

  • I miss Installer on my first-gen iPhone. Installer was so clean and quick.

  • Jon Garrett

    Rock is definitely better than Cydia in many ways.

    – much better interface
    – able to update, install and uninstall packages that Cydia cant or wont.
    – package backup
    – screen shots and reviews
    – faster
    – no refresh crap
    – much much much easier to purchase an app. there have been many times I wanted to purchase an app from Cydia but its so damn messy and tedious that I just gave up.

    now that Rock is going away, Im a bit concerned with the apps that Ive purchased and how easy it will be to transfer my licenses with Cydia the way I do with Rock.

    Rock also updates packages more often and better than Cydia.

    If anything, I would like to see Cydia and Rock merge into a better app and not just Cydia taking over Rock.

    While Im very grateful for all that Jay has done, this move totally blows.

    PS. when is he going to fix Cydget for iphone 4 (I hope this not what the future of Rock will become)

    • Juan

      Rock has nothing to do with “more frequent updates to apps”. that’s
      completely up to the individual dev and repository used.

      if you open Cydia and read the announcement Jay has made, you’d see it’s more of a “reorganization” of the 2 entities.

      • Jon Garrett

        well one example is Longitude. Cydia keeps showing an update available but when I try to update, it get sources not found and all sorts of dumb errors., I open up rock and Voila, updates complete. this happens often and with a lot of apps in Cydia.

        another thing that happens is removal of apps, when was the last time you tried to remove Intellishared from Cydia !! damn near impossible since it always returns an error that its being used with another package. but in Rock, no problem.

        Cydia certainly has its strengths and Im very grateful for it and all that Jay has done., I just dont want to have problems because Im now stuck with only one option.

        as for apps that Ive already purchased on Rock, Im optimistic that they will transfer over but Cydia defiantly needs a better way to sell its products cause right now its a mess.

  • Juan

    MyWi just transferred over quite painlessly. I for one never really liked rock (even as much as I bitch about Cydia). I installed Rock only because MyWi required it. In fact, I’ve already remove Rock.

    While I prefer choice, having both stores never gave us much real choice. Other than the few intelliborn apps, the rest could be found in either store.

    So no loss to me. I just hope that from this merge can come a better performing Cydia store. I also hope Cydia considers taking credit cards instead of depending on Amazon and Paypal for transactions.

  • Mack

    I really loved Rock, and I am sad to see it go. For it was nearly twice as fast as Cydia. Plus Rock had a better user interface. I just hope Cydia speeds up before I jailbreak my new 4th Gen iPod Touch.

  • appletiser

    “numerous buggy situations” WTF?? and this is coming from one of the most buggy installers around. package errors, gpg errors, fetch errors, constant reloads – i hate using cydia because of those ):

    • SoCoMagNuM

      I agree…cydia always has fetch errors, refresh errors, host errors etc etc. Since using rock i had what…one instance of an error? That was only cause i had poor internet connect at the time. Other than that nothing.

    • Wize

      Damn fetch errors are why I was avoiding Cydia. I am sad.

  • farhanahmed

    Just give us ios 4.1 jailbreak.

  • I think Cydia has turned into the outdated option. Cydia was neat until it had competition. Now with no option at all, we will all never know what we are missing out on. When I began using Rock, it became obvious Cydia was not innovative or organized. I all but removed Cydia over the past year because of its poor performance, in my opnion. I have a feeling the announcement from Cydia stating it is now “Rock + Cydia working together” is an attempt to prevent outrage from the loyal Rock users and developers. Speaking of developers, I wonder how many developers chose to distribute their apps via Rock over Cydia? How many developers will continue developing and distributing now through Cydia? We may never know because we will no longer have any competition for an alternate app store (besides Apple, omg). This is a disappointing day. Cydia has never met my expectations for a professional or coordinated effort to install apps. The only good news is, I may just make the move to the Droid X or other phone without looking back now.

  • DaCeige

    If rock goes away, and cydia doesn’t make MAJOR changes to improve it’s speed. Either one of two things will happen.

    A. I’ll stop using cydia and keep my old packages for months at a time.

    B. Loose the jailbreak.

    I swear. Cydia gets slower each time I open it.

  • DaCeige

    Or option 3. Droid me.

  • Bootes

    Noooo! Cydia is terrible. It’s so slow and crashes constantly. 🙁

  • Burge

    Has anyone open the rock app and had a read. There is a line that says that there were x million downloads for hacked app, so that do know that you are running hacked apps, I wouldn’t be surprised if the cydia team do somthing about this, or iam I being paranoid

  • Z

    Damn, some impressive stats posted by Rock:
    – Total Rock Store sales from 12 of Sep. 2009 – Sep. 2010 = $3.3+ million. (just one year)
    – Total number of employees: 9

    I wonder how much Saurik acquired Rock for… What do you guys think?

    • Z

      Nice little 1$ themes and tweaks accumulate such an impressive yield in the end of the day.

  • DaCeige

    You can run cracked apps from cydia too. Id be curious what stats cydia has in comparison.

  • jean

    can i use it for version 4.1

  • Jon Garrett

    Is it just me or has Cydia NOT updated any apps since August 8th? I open both Cydia and Rock at least once a day and Ive noticed that Cydia has NO UPDATES since the 8th of August whereas Rock has over 50.

    I was just wondering if this had anything to do with the merger or do I just have a glitch in my Cydia.