That didn’t take along, did it? Yesterday we reported that Apple announced they were loosening the reins on the guidelines and restrictions as it relates to the App Store. The thought in our minds and apparently the mind of Adobe as well was “what does this mean for Flash and the iPhone?”

Don’t believe it will happen as fast as it’s being reported? TUAW has Adobe saying the following regarding Apple’s new attitude:

We’re hearing from our developer community that Packager apps are already being approved for the App Store

Well how about that. It wasn’t even a month ago and Adobe publicly stated that they had moved on from even considering to have a presence on the iPhone. Now they tell us they have apps being approved already.

What do you think, iDB? Did Adobe know about the restrictions getting loosened before the rest of us? Let us know your opinion in the comment box below.

  • MikeLo

    I need flash asap

    • Honestly Mike I don’t so much miss Flash on the iPhone as much as I probably do with my iPad.

      Apparently Apple doesn’t think it’s old technology anymore.. 🙂

      • MikeLo

        Yea no flash on iPad is a major reason I passed on it….that & front cam. Hope they have it on 2nd gen iPad

  • MikeLo

    Alot of the websites I go to use flash, what’s the best app or package to download ..?

    • Z

      Frash and frash SBS toggle will help.

  • Garethdphillips

    What does this actually mean for flash on webpages though? Wouldn’t that require that apple update safari ? As well as other elements of the iOS ?

  • RG

    this in no way means there will be flash on iOS devices. This is only for developers to use third-party tools to develop iOS apps. ADOBE has tools to do so, now developers can use them to produce iApps.

  • Zuzi Jo

    So of you JB’d and downloaded Frash you were once again ahead of the game! Can someone explain to me why Apple waits for the JB community to produce the software before they include it as standard ?? Are they using the same code or improving it? I love the Dev team and what they do …. I was sat in my office at a meeting today …. we all have iPhones we all are JB’d or waiting for JB because we all want those little things that should be standard! I have been following the Android phones and I am seriously thinking of switching soon!! I love the IPhone and have had one since they came out … but it really pisses me off that Apple dictate how I use it!

  • fredstyle

    Can I get flash for a jailbroken 3G iphone?

  • latti