We knew that jailbreaking is now legal and that Apple seriously loosened their app approval process but we certainly didn’t expect to find an application that explains how to jailbreak your iPhone in the App Store.

That’s however what the ModMyI application does among many other things, as it brings the full forums to the palm of your hand with this new app.

Once you launch the app you will find the daily news, and the forums sorted by categories. That’s in the Categories tab that you’ll find tons of information about hacking your iPhone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of ModMyI but I find it a bit ironic that an application from the App Store has complete tutorials and threds about jailbreaking, unlocking, downgrading, and more.

Thanks Burge for bringing this to our attention.

  • I am so getting this!

  • Burge

    This is one of those apps that might not last long in the app store

    • Z


  • Z

    Sebastien, that’s what u should for iDB.

    • Yeah I know I know. But then I would have to write an article putting my own app on the spot 😉 We’ll eventually get an application but really, the mobile version of the site does a great job.

      • let me know.. =)

      • hey Sebastien, sup…just got on board with my Canadian iPhone, sold my nexus but I do miss it . Any ways great blog, and nice community…..keep it up !!

        Impressive articles from ethan and all your writers…..

  • pigsy101

    FYI – Needs iOS 4 to download.

  • littlemike

    Way to throw them under the bus just cause they get more attention than you. Thats pretty low. Yea it’s ironic it’s on there but leave it for any new/current members to use. Creating publicity with the angle that it does not belong in there just creates a bad view on it. It has tons of other great topics and users that doesn’t have to do with jailbreaking like product reviews and advice on other things idevice related.

    • Z

      I don’t see how is he throwing them under the buss? He is advertising it from my side, I went ahead and got the app. Isn’t that what modmyi want? More users? More publicity?

      • Burge

        Like you said it’s good that it’s there, but what littlemike is not getting the point off this post is that there is now a app the tells you how to mid and jailbreak you device

  • MikeLo


  • Mac

    Hi seba just type ifone on search
    in app store you will see cydia app
    that is amazing

    • i don’t see cydia app …. i u sure u are not looking in spotlight search instead of app store search ?

      • Mac

        App store search

    • Does this work for anyone else ??? sorry but my app store not seeing cydia.

      • AppleBits


  • NaThom

    Has it occurred to anyone that this could be a trick by Apple to see who has, or will be, jailbroken?

    • Mac

      When you typen ifone open
      the app that s pop up look all
      the pictures you will see cydia

  • Mac

    Hi seba can not find the app your
    talking about

    • Mac

      Ok guys don t be confused
      1 type ifone on app store search
      2 open the first app ifonesoft,l aplicat…
      3 scroll down look all the pictures
      you will see cydia picture

    • Search for “modmyi” in the App Store. It’s there.

      • Mac

        Thanks my brother

  • October

    A lot of good that cydia app does, it’s in French??

  • Monther

    LOL .. what were they thinking about?

  • Z

    For all of those that were looking for actual Cydia on app store are very naive. It’s a blog that has a section called Cydia, where they list highlights available THROUGH Cydia and Cydia related articles.

  • Ste ve b

    I cant find modmyi am i blind?

    • Z

      Which store are you signed up with? There are many more apps on US AppStore than UK one, as far as I know.

  • Danny

    It’s there, but I wonder if there’s any connection to my 3GS not connecting to modmyi source anymore?

    • Z

      Same here, and you can’t reinstall Rock either =)

      • Danny

        I reinstalled modmyi source and now its working fine.

  • Burge

    The modmyi app was In the UK store It’s also in US store