When I was in junior high school the only thing I knew about Apple was that they made computers with enormous floppy disk drives. The Discman was the hottest portable music player and it would cost you about $100 for the latest and greatest. Bill Gates was a nerdy guy who was also the richest man in the world.

Imagine if you will that Steve Jobs never came back to Apple and the quirky computer company died off, leaving Microsoft as the uncontested developer to produce us our technological fixes. Assume that the story plays out identical to the way it is today with Gates and company unveiling the now iPhone under the Seattle based company…

Business Insider did just that and looked at the stock implications this would have yielded for Microsoft. According to their figures it suggests that MS would be trading at an all time high of $70 per share instead of the $24 it rests at at today. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Some like myself would argue that Microsoft would have never even thought to enter the world of portable music players that are disguised as phones ; that this phenomenon could have only been crafted to perfection by a company that historically did things off the grid. Remember the ridicule Apple received over the removal of floppy disks? Tell me the last time you heard anyone complaining about that ancient dinosaur?

Some have also brought to point that Apple is becoming today what Microsoft ended up being in the 90’s. An authoritative noose on creativity that singlehandedly dictates the platform they develop on while leaving those who contest their philosophy for the wolves. Think I’m crazy? One word, Cydia.

Would a device like the iPhone exist if Apple didn’t create it? Could Microsoft be left up to designing and producing the influx of iDevices that have conquered our daily movements? I hope so but I’m not so sure. Give us your two cents in the comments below.

  • Burge

    It would crash all the time

  • Burge

    But you would be able to do with it what you like. Open ios

  • Jason masters

    It would get viruses and stall and you have to purchase antivirus for iPhone at your local best buy.
    Also geeksquad would charge a 100$ to clean out your system and reformat your hard drive and add an external hard drive.

    • Mac

      you are right bro i have a toshiba
      pc at home that thing crash gazal
      electricity shut down by itself making
      noise no more pc for life
      I m a mac for the rest of my life

    • Z

      @Jason lol and it would come with a shit load of preinstalled crap like Norton Antivirus and Windows Defender. Also the only notifications you’d be getting would be to run an msPhone virus scan.

      Also every time the phone is turned on it would give you an option to:
      1. Start msPhone normally
      2. Launch the last known working configuration
      3. Start msPhone in Safe Mode
      4. Launch cmd prompt with networking


      • Jason masters

        Lmao best post yet!

  • RG

    inconceivable. all wrong…there would have never been an msPhone !

  • Lyric

    it would be an epic fail regardless of how we look at it. Windows operated systems suck!!!! and a new version of what you JUST purchased comes out almost 3-4 months later. And everyone wants to feel like they have the latest and greatest— thus having to shell out MORE MONEY.

    • Jobro

      Really? I’m typing from my 1999 PC (upgraded once, in 2003 for $200) running Windows 7, and it cost me less than the 1999 Mac which was fully cut off from the current Apple ecosystem in 2005. Now, I believe that many of the problems that plague the iPhone (2 year enforced usable lifespan, “closed garden”, etc) would have also been present on a “msPhone”. However, I disagree with your statement that all Windows systems are inferior to Macintosh systems; and as a “bang-for-buck” analysis, Windows always wins! (Of course due to the monopoly Apple holds over its OS)

  • Burge

    Looks like no one likes the sound if this !

    • Z

      Nope, I’m a PC and Windows 7 was MY idea! LOL

      Though I’m pretty happy with Win7, the idea of an MS based iPhone makes me gag. I’d need to restore my phone every 2 weeks to get rid of the reg entries – blah!

  • BrainCluster

    I don’t think that Microsoft would make the iPhone… I think that multitouch would come to mobile phones more naturally… just like it was with the resistive touchscreen and the stylus… Jobs just made a hype of it and called it revolutionary just like he does with his every product… and i think that HTC would build the first multitouch phone without a keyboard.. but it would be nothing too special… and it would have a normal htc price…. and other companies would slowly follow… and that’s it…

  • Michael

    MS had a wonderful little story going since the early 2000s with Windows CE (and later Mobile). The OS was literally years ahead and offered a great platform for developers. Say what you want, this is where MS truly shines. The missed the train again and again (especially after the first iPhone was reelased) to a point where Windows Mobile was beyond rescue.

    The OS has / had more potential than MS itself saw in it though – custom UIs like HTC Sense and SPB Mobile Shell show what you can do with some patience and a coordinated approach. Windows Mobile Phones until recently were the best of the best you could get hardware-wise, but MS never had the marketing and branding mojo to pull it all together into an experience like the iPhone.

    In short: It wouldn’t have been the iPhone, but many devices like it and the day of the smartphone would have come later. Apple definitely acted as a catalyst here.

    And before you start yelling: I am using an iPhone now, but am surprised to see that the decade old prejudices of the Mac Macs against Windows still persist and are projected into the mobile space –

    To burst one particular bubble: Next to Android, the iPhone platform is the one most likely to be subject to major virus attacks rather sooner than later. It has nothing to do with OSX / iOS being superior when it comes to security, but everything with market share and exposure.

  • tom

    i personally dont think that given the personnel at MS, that those people would think “outside the box” or take risks large enough to gamble on the idevices. Now had some of the apple people ended up working at MS and had a large enough voice . . . . . potentially.
    But all things being equal . . .i dont see MS doing it. I mean what they are doing now is due to being pushed and forced to do to stay competitive in the market.
    I just think that each company had differing views of what direction the tech world should take and it would be a radically different landscape had apple failed and fallen off the map.

  • Michael

    It would be slow and crash all the time

  • Austin

    Just think if it was the other way around and Microsoft never existed. I don’t know if the world would ever have had an iPhone

  • reciprocity

    you people are absolutely ridiculous. apple’s success is based largely on an unequaled propaganda machine. if microsoft had released the iphone instead of apple and it was identical to the one apple created in every way, you would reject it out of hand. even though you’d be able to have full control over the thing, unlike an iphone. and you wouldn’t have to go through a god-awful program like itunes just to sync it. the iphone is one of several excellent pieces of apple hardware totally ruined for me by apple’s ultra-closed business model. i was satisfied with my 3g (although a little embarrassed to own the thing) until ios4 and then all of apple’s mercantile-like practices came into view again. i’ve got a lot of apps and i’m pretty committed to iphone-oriented technology, but i’m switching to something else within the next month or two. idk what yet, but i refuse to support this company anymore. it is a *bad* company.

    think different. what bullshit. think EXACTLY like jobs wants you to think. apple’s reputation is utterly mystifying.

  • ~jv

    That will be windows Phone DÃÃÃÃ

  • Mallouk

    You know guys, let us give Microsoft some credits here… i think they would “eventually” produce an iphone…
    it will just take more time, like 5 to 10 years… the only difference will be is that the iphone will keep asking you “are you sure you want to do this” LOL

  • HWO

    Well, the msPhone would be work oriented instead of user experience oriented, the app store never existed, and the most exciting app in the phones would be the messenger. I think the iPhone was a revolutionary device in our lifes.

  • Microsoft will never able to conceived the iPhone concept, even it come up, it will be mow over, just never in their core, there are all business there, never look into the idea “work could be fun”. Apple always started up, as a getting out to have fun, “Woz”the other guy behind, in that it always there for the “stay young” crowd and the Apple Cult. No Apple – No iPhone simply as that.