It’s always a busy time in the world of iPhone blogging when the iPhone iOS gets an upgrade. Reports are flying high and aiming low about every feature implemented in the newest version of the operating system.

As you know by now iOS 4.1 has brought us Game Center, the social network fix for Apple gamers. So now that the platform is there and you’ve convinced all your iOS toting friends to add your handle, you may be asking what you’re supposed to do without any games. Have no fear, the App Store is here…

Game Center joins the fun now with its own category in the App Store. Real Racing is atop of the list which sort of paves the way for the rest of the app selections. Apple did a nice job of making sure to get games with high ratings to be Game Center compatible first. With high ratings usually comes high costs and thus the only selection so far that is free is Farmville. Lord help us.

So get yourselves some iTunes cash and add your friends to another service, this time in the name of competition. That is of course if you haven’t waited to download the new iOS until a jailbreak is released. Either way include yourself in the discussion of if you’ll be using this feature in the comment box below.

  • Pegasus226

    I upgraded and downloaded farmville and a few other game center games but non of the games are showing ip inside gamecenter

  • Diederik

    I don’t need that blasted extra social network at all!! Some apps tell me VERY frequently to log on to my game center account. How can I stop this?? Game center doesn’t seem to offer a KILL-option…. I would like to though…. Please help (non jailbreaked iPhone 3Gs here)

  • luka

    sretan uskrs svima tko je tu ali ako bute tu u 8 45 unda bumu se dopesivali ali kako vi recete ja samo vam sam na pisal ali ako viii necete unda dobro unda se nebumu vidli,,,ali daj bog ka se bumu vidli daj ali i vi meni tako rectti ka bumu se vidjeli daj bog ali samo miii nemojte reci ka nebote tu jaj daj bog ka bute tu!!!!

  • luka

    kaj ste tu ili ne

  • luka

    haha kaj ga vas ne”

  • luka

    no,,ali ste tu ja,,vas ljepo pitamm,. to mi je e-mali adresa