It’s an eery feeling when you write an article and on the same day the company you wrote about changes or modifies a policy related to the content of your story. It makes you feel like they’re watching you.

We posted a story about the SDK for iOS and how the cloudy restrictive nature of the acceptance process might be hurting the creative flow of the App Store. Less than 2 hours later 9 to 5 Mac posted a statement by Apple regarding the App Store review guidelines…

Here is the meat and bones of the press release:

We (Apple)  are relaxing all restrictions on the development tools used to create iOS apps, as long as the resulting apps do not download any code. This should give developers the flexibility they want, while preserving the security we need.

Where did that come from? Perhaps Apple is feeling some heat behind the scenes from the feds little investigation regarding their review process. It seems like the only reasonable explanation for the change of heart that seems to allow developers to include Flash in their applications.

As we last reported the European Commissions office had joined the possible probe regarding Apple’s behavior against Adobe. While Adobe recently shrugged it off it seems a little odd that Cupertino would change their policy just for the heck of it.

What do you think? What would this mean for the App Store? Anyone else think Apple had the authorities breathing down their neck? Give us your opinion in the comment box below.

  • I think Apple is getting ready to approve Skyfire 2.0 app and they needed to revise their policy to justify it to other developers

  • Or apple is worried about the new bootrom flaw and thinks allowing flash for streaming video will slow people jailbreaking idevices to get frash.

  • Z

    I think Apple is facing strong competition, which is resulting in losses of profits, users jailbreaking their phones, downloading cracked content, etc. They had to step up their game and make the Apple world a little less restrictive.

    I wouldn’t count on it too much thought. It sounds like cheese in a mouse trap for developers.

  • Monkey

    kinda too late, I have migrated to Android sector. But not feeling remorse since you have more freedom with your device.

    • Mac

      no matter what you do you
      gonna miss the iphone

      • Nate

        False I switched to android in june and now the iphone seems like a toy

  • Monkey

    @Mack Daddy, not really. The last painful feeling I had with the iphone is it was not capable of copying my contacts to SIM (until recently when aftermarket app Simanager just launched). Even my old Ericsson T616 (almost 10 years old phone) allows me to copy contact to sim. With the new non-iPhone phone, I can use my phone as a thumb drive out of the box without resorting to the app, I can transfer file back and forth via bluetooth to my laptop, add and remove my songs without syncing to iTune (just cut/copy and paste command) since I can use it as a storage drive. Removable memory card so unlimited capacity between switching. Flash 10.1 capable (even I dont like adobe software, I think it is poorly programmed software and I do not use adobe acrobat reader, too slow and crashes all the time) but at least I have the option to load/unload it. And when the phone is old, the battery life is worsen, I have the option to buy a cheapo battery to replace it (since the phone is old, no need to get a genuine battery that costs an arm and leg) and replace it by myself without bringing it in to the apple store and have the tech do it for you. And there are countless things out there

    Just look at it this way, you own an iPhone but Steve Jobs controls the usage of it. So what is the point of owning an item when you dont have full control of it.

    • Z

      That’s why we all tend to jailbreak. It’s a way of telling Jobs to control his boyfriends, and not us, Apple’s customers.

  • Monkey

    Jail breaking does not make the iPhone to have removable storage, does not allow blue tooth transferring of a file, etc……..

    Jail Breaking only allow you to regain a small control from Apple

    • SillyBear

      All I can say is enjoy your fragmented android OS and have fun finding any decent quality apps in the android market (as compared to the app store).

      • Jack

        There are a lot of decent apps for Android. PLUS, I don’t have to use AT&T, so I use my Android phone for wifi tethering with my laptop.
        Android is great, and I predict eventually there will be a whole lot more great apps for Android for three reasons.
        1. There a hell of a lot more Android phone models.
        2. It’s open source, always a good thing
        3. Android will outsell iOS eventually, so more apps will be made. In a couple years Android will be neck and neck with Sybian, beating out iOS, RIM, and Palm.

  • Kjeldor

    you can make your iphone as a removable storage by downloading something from cydia.. I’ve downloaded that sometime ago..

    also for bluetooth transferring, there are also apps for that, like ibluetooth or ibluenova I think.

    Changing batteries can also be done with the right set of tools, and a soldering iron.

  • About Time!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tho there has to be something going on behind the scenes….

  • @sillybear
    I run Android OS 2.1 rooted with KOASFURY
    ROM. Bout to upgrade to KOASfroyo on my Eris. Ita faster than my iPod touch 3G. Nd is up there with my friends iPhone 4 non-jailbroken. Fragmented? My ass it is. It’s just as stable w/ super user permissions (rooted) or stock. Google is kicking apples ass right now. What u have to say against that?

  • @monkey r u crazy? It does so. Only for flash storage, you hav to have a special repo, witch I don’t have..

  • Kam

    @Monkey dude this is “iPhone”download blog
    Suck ass or kick ass we love iPhone n do not wish to switch to android 🙂
    Please create of go to n do all praise 🙂
    No offense:)

  • Cam

    Seriously all, you have to accept that it’s not one is awesome and one sucks.
    @Kam, yes it’s an iPhone blog but not everyone who reads this blog is necessarily and iPhone fanboy. Some are open to other options, and enjoy reading this blog just to keep up with whats new.
    @Sillybear, I have a lot of apps on my iPhone’s and am yet to find one that I use regularly that doesn’t exist or have an equivalent on Android Marketplace.

    I personally have an iPhone 3G and 3Gs, and a Blackberry 9700 for that matter, but then I should say that my Samsung Galaxy S is arriving tomorrow. And I’m looking forward to it. You can’t argue that the iPhone is restrictive, and if you use Windows, iTunes is about the worse piece of software ever written by a Large, well establish company. Seriously I’m forced to install a 100Mb program to copy music to my phone, are you serious???

    Anyway, as I said at the start, it’s not one or the other. Both are good mobile OS’s and people need to accept that. If you want a phone that will look pretty and everything will generally work as advertised then get an iPhone. If you’re more technical and want to pull the most out of your phone without constantly being tied down by the manufacturer, then go for Android.

  • UltraBob

    Apple has not allowed flash. They have allowed Adobe Flash CS5 to convert apps written in actionscript into native iPhone apps. Their policy on flash has not changed.