Well well well. Here are some good news coming from MuscleNerd and co about a new exploit found by a hacker that goes by the name of pod2g. Apparently, pod2g found a bootrom exploit in iOS 4.0.1.

Why should we care about 4.0.1, I hear you saying? Since it’s a bootrom exploit, it means Apple cannot patch the exploit with a software update. The only way to patch the hole would require a hardware modification. In other words, Apple won’t be able to prevent us from jailbreaking until the iPhone 5 comes out.

Woohoo! So can we jailbreak iOS 4.1 yet? No, we can’t. As MuscleNerd said, there is a lot of work to be done. However I do feel confident we’re going to see a jailbreak for iOS 4.1 by the end of the month (that’s just me predicting – nothing’s sure).

Isn’t that some exciting news?

  • Michael

    Can not wait

  • Burge

    I’ve been reading that on twitter.

  • Irha

    That definitely puts a lot of hope and cover us for the next few months.

  • Good work boys.

  • darkrider

    jailbreakers should understand that every1 around the world deending on themmmm…
    i think they understand that…


  • AppleBits

    Gotta totally respect these folks! Wish I was that darn talented…

  • tom

    the boys strike again!!!!

    Good job guys!!!

  • Nate

    I don’t care with my 3GS… But my girl would love it cuz she hates how slow her 3G is on 4.0.1. She will probably upgrade today to 4.1 and loose her jailbreak just to speed up her phone.

    • Burge

      That’s the same as me and the misses. I’ve upgraded hers to 4.1. It seems faster. But as for me… No way, love my jailbreak

  • Tony

    I love when new ios versions come out. Exciting times.

  • deanno

    i can wait for end of the month..no problem..i love my jailbreak..f***k it,if no jailbreak no upgrade…
    But i believe dev team gonna release it JB for os 4.1..they’re the best..

  • Z

    That’s awesome! A jailbreak that can break it all… Great news!

  • Burge

    It might not be out in month. It could take longer, might be out for 4.2. I hope iam wrong

  • MikeLo

    Good news but I really don’t care nor need 4.1. What’s the big deal

  • Apple everything

    Um would be nice pod2g is part of the chronicdev team remember greenposion i hope this time they rel a working jb and not string us all a long with promise greenposion turned out to be a toolbox these guys should of told us this in the first place congrats to them lets hope we see this 1

  • Byrdtulsa

    Redsnow jailbreak works fine with 3G for os4.1

    • Not for me. Redsn0w reports Unrecognized IPSW file.

  • October

    Please, I hope they j/b 4.1 for those that don’t have it done yet… Think of those just getting their phones : ( if I had the option to not upgrade to save my j/b then i gladly would not

  • Before getting excited there is something that mus be factored. The fact that it’s a hardware exploit does mean it’s possible for Apple not to be able to patch it, but it also means that you “might” not be able to restore your phone if something ever goes wrong. It could mean you pretty much can never have a warranty on that device after that jailbreak. Food for thought.

  • So if I update a j/b 4. Phone does it just lose the j/b and returns the phone to current release? Will Apple know that the unit was jailbroken in past? Here is my deal, I am new at the j/b, the web jailbreakme was the way I did, so how do guys like me get the newer j/b updates OTA like the jailbreakme worked. If I have to sideload, I’d prob screw things up??

    • If you have a jail broken device and update it to the latest firmware there isn’t a jailbreak for then yes it will remove your jailbreak. To update a jail broken device you want to wait for the new release of the jail broken firmware, download that, then install it on your device through iTunes. Apple will not know that your device was jail broken in the past if you decide to update to 4.1 and head into the Apple store or restore your device from a previous backup. If you want safe instructions about how to update your jail broken device as well as a brief tutorial I recommend following Sebastien here at the iphonedownloadblog via RSS or subcribing and on twitter at @SebastienPage. You’ll be sure to receive updates regarding anything iphone.

  • Jon Garrett

    Im glad there’s going to be a jailbreak available for 4.1 HOWEVER, Its still best not to upgrade “just because”

    Im going to sit tight and wait until all my favorite Cydia apps are updated to work on 4.1 as well.

  • NearDeath

    If u truly care for warranty u wouldn’t jailbreak and u would put up with apples controlling ways I couldent give 3 sh1ts about warranty if my phone fcks up it means it’s time for an upgrade and besides I don’t think u can kill your iPhone in anyway by jailbreaking iv been doing it for 2 years now. Anyways this is great news. Good job boys ( hmmm might get a samsung galaxy s)

    • Post that exact comment on 4chan and see how long you survive.

      • Z

        I agree with @NearD
        I could give two flying turds about warranty just like AT&T and apple could give a shit about me as a customer.

  • klein

    I cant really back this up but i been jailbreaking since the original iPhone to the 3GS and i have notice that when i updated my jailbroken iphone there has been tweaks da have not being remove

    One that i can most certainly bet on is make it mine a tweak da allows to change carrier name. it has remain after and official apple update which ultimately has lead me to believe that apple can figure out whether or not ur device has been jailbroken

    another tweak (this one is from back on the days) was customize jailbroken app. i believe changes made to the “Strings” not sure how to explain have remain after official apple update
    Ex when phones lock it says “slide to unlock” with the app customize u were able to change the “slide to unlock” to whatever u wanted to

    to quote Tucker
    just food for thought

  • klein

    upps i did said update

    well am guessing u should be fine if u do a complete restore and dont back up ur previous data just thought about it after my last post

    my bad

  • Johnaltha

    I have iPhone 4 on 4.02. I jailbroke on 4.01 but then updated 4.02. My question is if I go ahead and update to 4.1 will I be able to jailbreak when it Is released? I don’t see a point in me waiting when I’m not even jailbroken now. So is it safe to update? I’m confused

    • Tom

      You have nothing to lose now so yes update. Dev team have said no jailbreak for 4.0.2

      This news is awesome I’m getting my iPhone 4 in a few weeks, great to know exploit is found… I’d love to be a hacker and be part of a team one day

  • quimson13

    does this mean it can work on 4.0.2 as well? (considering you update to 4.1)

    • The dev-team specifically stated there will be no jailbreak for 4.0.2. What’s the point anyways? The only thing 4.0.2 does is patches the ability to jailbreak. That’s all it does.

  • Rainrose

    Thank you so much Dev Team! I appreciate all the hard work you guys do. 🙂


    i would survive because i do not care what other people think each to there own but check out Samsung’s future phone http://www.tested.com/news/how-samsungs-orion-chip-could-usher-in-the-next-generation-of-smart-phones/895/ Apple way to controlling they need to get over themselves as soon as my plan is up i am getting away from apples failure of a phone. thank you apple for your smart phone and starting something great but its time for me to move to something better.

    ( Fck i Hate Itunes )

  • Elgin

    Please jailbreak 4.1 fast… So bored without it 🙁

  • alhamadi_55

    Good job guys