iOS 4.1 is supposed to ship any minute now. While a new firmware update is always a good thing for those of you who don’t jailbreak/unlock, it’s a pretty risky move for those of you who do.

As usual before a new iOS update, the Dev Team warns us against the dangers of updating your iPhone to iOS 4.1 if you want to keep your jailbreak, and most importantly your unlock.

If you read this blog (or any other iPhone-related blog) on a regular basis, you know by now that you shouldn’t update your iPhone if you rely on a jailbreak/unlock, at least until a jailbreak and unlocking method has been found. The problem is there are lots of new jailbreakers that are not aware of the risks associated with updating.

Assuming you have your SHSH blobs on file, you will always be able to downgrade your iPhone iOS to a previous version, however you will not be able to downgrade your baseband, which is key to unlocking the device. If you rely on an iPhone unlock and update your device, you might lose the ability to unlock forever.

While no iOS 4.1 jailbreak has been found yet, I’m sure the Dev Team is working hard on it. For up-to-date information about these topics, I suggest you regularly check our jailbreak section and our unlock page.

  • Michael

    I think i will wait for the new jailbreak for 4.1

  • Oslec

    The iOS 4.1 is coming out on the 14th and not today as you all expected. How did I know? Go check your itunes pellas’.

    • Burge

      You were so wrong

      • And I was so right, to the minute when I said on Twitter earlier today that iOS 4.1 will be out around 10 am PST

  • Burge

    Can you all please say hello to my boy who got the first post in !
    Just a quick update the iPhone 4 baseband can be wound back, but you’ll need the latest umbrella, please read the notes that are on the sites. Do not blame me if you mess up your phone and are stuck with a unlockable phone

  • MortenB

    Oslec >> steve jobs said it would be out this week.

  • KinGz

    Who cares about the iphone!! I cant wait until they release the iRobot!!! Omg cant wait to jailbreak that!

  • Burge

    Well I’ve saved my ipsw 4.1 for a 3gs and it’s not from apple site. He he

    • Aleksander

      What?! Jailbroken 4.1 for 3Gs?? Or? Link, pleeeease? 🙂

      • Burge

        Not jailbreak just the 4.1 ipsw file for keeping.
        If you wont the ipsw file go to -felixburns- all ipsw files are there

  • kabriolett

    4.1 is out now…take care…

  • Burge

    And a 3G

  • I’m probably going to wait until 4.2 is out. Really, what’s in 4.1 that’s all that wild and wonderful? Game Center? We’ve had Open Feint and Plus+ for years, I don’t see a need for Game Center any time soon.

    Plus, since 4.2 will be coming out in only a couple of months, it seems silly to update/jailbreak to 4.1 only to do it again in a couple of months.

    • Z

      I agree with Dave that iOS 4.1 update is mainly for 3G users.

  • essex dragon

    Just updated my 3G finally works again like it should. Not slow anymore

  • Justin

    i have a question…if i don’t have a jailbroken device but want to jailbreak in the future if/when a jailbreak comes out for 4.1….can i still update to the 4.1 software or do i have to wait till a jailbreak comes out?

  • @Justin: You can go ahead and update to 4.1. Unless I am mistaken (which is fully possible since I haven’t done this yet), you will have to remove the jailbreak in order to upgrade to the next Apple FW release that is jailbroken in order to then jailbreak that release. There has never been a way for someone to upgrade from one jailbroken version to another. Again, I could be mistaken here, but from what I have read/heard, that’s the only way to update to a later jailbroken FW.

    So having the latest Apple release on your device before jailbreaking is fine so long as that version has/will be jailbroken.

    As I said earlier however, I am planning on waiting until iOS 4.2 before upgrading since the time between 4.1 and 4.2 is only going to be a couple of months. Having to go through a jailbroken phone FW update twice in a couple of months, all so I can take advantage of HDR photos and Game Center (I use an iPhone 4) seems really silly. If you have an iPhone 3G though, you may want to go ahead and upgrade twice since the 4.1 upgrade is supposed to really update the performance of the 3G.

  • Z

    Well, bottom line is that Apple maybe actually cares about customers with older phones. But I’m sure there were a lot of smashed iPhones 3G in the time period between 4.0 and 4.1

  • Roro

    Does anyone know if the iPhone 3gs with accidentally downloaded ios 4.1 software will be able to be jailbroken/unlocked?? I am soooo friggen mad I had auto check for updates after I already had a jailbroken iPhone 3gs. Someone give me good news, PLEASE????