That’s an interesting tweet that Comex sent out earlier today in reply to someone offering him to donate money when he releases a jailbreak for iOS 4.1. While we were set to believe that Comex would be on top of the iOS 4.1 jailbreak, it seems that we should hold our excitement.

I do believe Comex is working on a 4.1 jailbreak. And if he’s not, the tone of his tweet might suggest that someone else has a potential exploit for iOS 4.1 and that indeed the jailbreak will not come from him.

So what does that mean? Was Comex being a little dramatic and just wanted to play with our nerves? Your guess is as good as mine.

UPDATE: P0sixNinja has been joking about the iOS 4.1 jailbreak coming from a guy called H0tB33fDev. It’s obviously a joke aiming at distracting us. So don’t get too excited. After all, how credible can a hacker going by Hot Beef Dev can be?

[Redmond Pie via Covering Web]

  • SMoKE

    i beleive from the tone of comex that 4.1 jb is already done by other, so dont worry about ur 4.1 jb 😉

    • seth

      It’s amazing that you can determine tone from a line of text. Please write a “Understanding Tone From Text For Dummies”. This is a skill I could really use.

  • Eric

    Who cares stay at 4.0.x for now

  • Eric that’s not really an option for 3G users, the phone is unusable on iOs4 as is.

  • John

    Yep, mine just came in the mail and I’m scares to look if it is on 4.1 or worse 4.X that is un JB! that would suck! Guess I’ll have to go through the brain damage of downgrading!

  • Jedoonat

    Soooo, maybe the 4.1 jb will be coming from Musclenerd? Or is there a new player in the jailbreak game? Either way, I want the HDR option in 4.1 and I wanna keep my jb.

  • Doc

    Pry has something to do with all the talk of Pod2g lately…

  • littlemike

    Doc has a point. Much congrats to pod2g have been said on twitter from the team.

    Either way I’m not worried a jb will come sooner or later. For those impatient you need to chill you cause way too much stress in the scene and to be honest it’s just annoying.

  • Burge

    3G users, it’s more than lightly that redsnow will work for you to jailbreak your phone !
    After 4.1 update is out. As for 3GS, ip4 users we will have to wait. After all it’s only a little tweak of the camera that you can get in the App store..

  • WhiteRa1n

    Geohotz are releasing the JB for 4.1 on this saturday! called Whitera1n…
    IT’S JUST A JOKE! pls dun blame me LOL!!

  • afm

    redsnow rah rah rah yeah

  • Vik071

    If anybody wants to donate me some $$$, I promise that I’ll let you know when the jailbreak is out… 

  • Nails123

    I have a Sony erricson Walkman phone that I wanna jailbreak so I cAn play psp games…..NOW! I want this today and I will donate!

  • gay


  • semisonic

    does anyone know when the JB will be out for the new 4.1 on the itouch 3gen 32gb
    or a way to downgrade at least to 3.1.2
    bc I just upgraded from 4.0.2
    I had to


  • Comex….

    Comex please release a 4.1 vsn of jailbreakme

  • DaviD

    Notifie me wen jailbreak for 4.1 is out thanks

  • Joey Tamayo

    Hey comex please send me an email notifying me when jailbreaking is available for the iPod touch 4g. Thanks alot

    • rando

      you ballsack do your really think he’ll send u an email when there’s no email address there? what a bunch of faggots as if Lord Comex would even grant a service like free delivery when he expects us all to go and pick it up if we want it when it’s ready. kinda like a pizza. mmm 🙂

  • Please send me an email when the JB is out. Thanks…