Running is a lot of work. That’s why the previous version of the Nike+ iPod was a bit of a hassle since you had to have special equipment just to participate in the experience. Apparently Nike agreed.

Now in the App Store is an app called Nike+ GPS which is a stand alone version of the aforementioned application. The $2 selection which you can download here utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer and GPS capabilities (must be running iOS 3.1 or higher), which ditches the need for any additional adapters that it once required…  

For those of you who like keeping track of where you’ve sweated your guts out, you’re in luck ; Nike+ GPS allows you to track your trek on a Google Map layout. This and other trackable features can then be uploaded to an account that keeps track of your statistics.

If you’re a slacker, have no fear. You can pick a song from your iPod library that gets your juices flowing. If that isn’t enough, the app has a built in coach that comes in mid-run to offer you some pointers and encouragement (which sort of sounds annoying) but nonetheless, it’s there.

I’ll be honest in that I haven’t ran since the police chased me for toilet papering houses back in high school. How many runners do we have reading iDB? Give us your thoughts on this latest entry from Nike in the comment box below.

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  • Kevin

    There may not be too many runners on iDB, but since the Nike app is no longer dependent on a separate device, you can use it to track other forms of fitness like cycling (which I do) or inline skating. One one hand I think they made the right move to do away with the device. On the other hand, their new app offers about the same features as the dozens of other GPS-based fitness trackers out there.

  • Jeff

    you may have more runners on here than you think im a college track athlete myself and im on here everyday!

  • Dan

    Hope this is better than imapmyrun. I’ve been using that but gps is not all there. Going to try Nike and see

  • Eran

    endomondo does the same for free. GPS tracking, in ear voice feedback, google maps, upload, even social sharing. what more can I ask?

  • Kjeldor

    i use RunKeeper..
    but which is better, Nike or RunKeeper?

  • DJ Ruden

    During my marathon training 2 years ago I had a running partner with special nike shoes and an ipod, she would get updates as to how far we ran and what our pace was. It was nice to know but ultimately unnecessary.

    I’m not gonna start taking my pricey iphone on runs for this type of stuff so I’ll be fine just running with my nano clipped on for now.

  • Z

    Will test it out tonight

  • Simon

    I still enjoy the chip in the Nike shoe, but the app has been deleted off my Iphone 3Gs. Can I still get that app back? I prefer it to the Nike + GPS.

  • RunKeeper have more feature but the prices more higher too

  • Eville

    I use it for cycling and really enjoy it
    I do however wish it had more options
    Here’s my wish list
    Wish I could select a previous ride and have App compare how I’m doing today vs previous
    Wish I could see a map with every ride showing at one time ( just to show how much of my community I have explored
    Wish I could pick individual Km’s on the map and get speed / info specific to that area of the ride
    I wish I could select cycling as a sport so the calorie counter was accurate
    I wish it had a altimeter so it knew I was going uphill ( which is somuch harder that down and really effects speed and calories burned)
    I am looking for Nike to release an update, or for an add on that can use Nike+GPS data to give me more options
    It’s still cool seeing your route and speed, and the voice is encouraging