The tweet says it all. The update was posted by Chris Anderson, editor of Wired. Perhaps he is baiting us but nevertheless it’s the first rumor of its kind so what the heck.

Apparently Chris was told by a T-Mobile manager that the iPhone 3GS would be coming to the carrier. Why the company would be getting the year old model of the iPhone instead of the current device is beyond me. I guess that’s why they call it a rumor.


[9 to 5 Mac]

  • I would actually be happy if that were to happen. I’m currently waiting for the 4.1 jailbreak as I’m stuck with 4.0.2 right now.Once that is done, I’ll be at t-mobile regardless.

  • Monkey

    Well, no Antennagrade problems and that is the main reason

  • Spidey

    My guess would be because T-Mobile doesn’t have the ability to make the smaller SIM yet…

  • RH

    Surely a smaller SIM is not a a barrier to any carrier.

    • SpideyRules

      Really? You mean there’s no way you can think of that changing the way you mass produce a product could be a barrier? Oh, maybe you mean they just need to incorporate an entire new manufacturing line. Surely THAT couldn’t be a barrier either, right?

      • Thisdood

        Well, technically all it would involve would making (Buying?) a set of new machines to cut down the current ones theyre manufacturing… thats it, its not a different SIM otherwise.

  • iBess

    Here in Macedonia T-mobile has the iPhone 3Gs!!

  • October

    I think it makes perfect sense… If another carrier wins out the war & pulls the rug out from under the Apple/AT&T contract do u really thinks Jobs would go along w/ it w/o something up his sleeve… That sounds like exactly what he would do… So there would still be good reason for people to consider AT&T.

  • James

    It could be like a loophole to apple-at&t contract because of it being the old model instead of the model AT&T has.

  • Its not common knowledge. I work for t-mobile and we are not getting the iPhone. And if we were the managers wouldn’t know about it at all. For example, the “all phones free fathers day deal” was told to us until about 4 days before it happened. The iPhone ain’t going nowhere until 2012.

  • Scott Howard

    AT&T broadcasts their 3G data signal on the 1900MHz band and T-Mobile broadcasts 3G on the 850MHz band.

    To make the iPhone fully compatible with T-Mobile would mean a completely redesigned mainboard.

    Too much time and effort to be worth Apple’s or T-Mobile’s time and money in this economy.

  • Rh

    It makes sense, following standard Apple practice, that a carrier manager could not possibly know about iPhone deals. Chalk this Wired lead up as a short circuit.

    • SS

      bingo!.. noone will buy 3GS on EDGE

      • Your almost right Scott. At&t runs 3G at 850 MHz, but T-Mobile 1700 MHz. And it wouldn’t be hard for Apple to make a T-Mobile version of the iPhone. In fact, it would be easier to do that than to take it over to Verizon, but thats not why Apple won’t make a T-Mobile iPhone. Apple isn’t going to make one because they have a 5 year deal with at&t and because at&t is bending over backwards to keep the iPhone. It is more profitable for Apple to keep their contract with at&t than break it.

        5 Million iPhone 4s in 3 days. Thats ridiculous!!! Name another phone that has done that…you CAN’T. So if Apple is selling more phones in less time than any manufacturer in history than why change anything.

        I’m not saying the iPhone won’t come to another carrier in the US eventually. I’m saying that it won’t happen until the contract with at&t is over.

        Let’s all think back to this summer. When all the experts and Bloomberg and WSJ was saying that there was a Verizon iPhone coming. Where the hell is it?!? Huh? Nowhere. Now they’re claiming its coming in January. Its not people, I’m sorry.

  • audrey

    I had kept a Tmobile account to wait for my contract to expire as to not get charged cancelation. When I called to close the account and told them that I wanted an iPhone; the tmobile rep told me to reconsider because they would soon be carrying the iPhone.

    • Keith Randolph

      Audrey the retention team will tell you anything to keep you as a customer.

  • Linh

    Well, considering in the UK T-Mobile is the iPhone carrier, I’d have to say that I wouldn’t be too surprised that the T-Mobile here is getting the iPhone.

    How soon though is a different question. It probably won’t be for awhile so I’m just going to say this is a new iPhone rumor until proven otherwise.

  • Harganoff

    I really wish we had some inkling as to the validity of this rumor… I need to upgrade my phone and was about to go with the Vibrant until I heard the rumor of the T-Mobile Iphone possibility; now I’m too hesitant to use my upgrade if there’s a chance of getting an Iphone… I like the Vibrant but it just feels freaking huge; I would love to be able to use an Iphone (without having to pay a ton for one that’s jailbroken so I can use it with T-Mobile).

    Really wish T-Mobile would saw whether or not this is true! If it was you know people would stand in line for it, even if it is the older 3Gs instead of the 4. The Vibrant is a pretty impressive phone and it seems like T-Mobile advertises it as a no-big-deal issue. Samsung advertises it more than T-Mobile does which seems weird to me. They are the 4th largest cell provider in the US and Verizon and AT&T are growing steadily while T-Mobile seems almost stagnant because there’s nothing (beyond reasonable prices) keeping people with them. I really think if they got the Iphone they would see a HUGE increase in client base, moreso than any other marketing gimmick they’ve tried in the past.

    Give us a bone, T-Mobile, what’s going on?!?