Well screw you if you have an iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G! Apple will not support your device for Game Center, the social gaming network that will ship with iOS 4.1 tomorrow.

There were rumors of Game Centers not making it to the iPhone 3G, but Apple has made things official on their website.

Basically this is a nice way to tell iPhone 3G users that iOS support for their device won’t last long. Just like Apple abandoned support for the original iPhone, it is now clear that the iPhone 3G will be left for dead next year when Apple unveils iOS 5.

This is the common life cycle of a product and I understand the reasons behind it. Still, if I was an iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G owner, I’d be a little pissed.

How do you feel about that?

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  • Spaz

    A little pissed no! major pissed yes!! but theres a hack in cydia to enable it, but just have to wait for the jailbreak, but looking at the hack for game center, it looks different to the new one.!

  • tom


    i personally dont see myself using the feature anytime soon and i have a 3gs phone, but . . . . .

    regardless . . . apple should support whatever devices are out there. car manufacturers dont quit making parts 2-3 years after a certain model isnt made any longer.

    if it simply is a matter of hardware, then maybe. but i highly doubt that is the case.

    seems more of a “herding of the sheep” towards buying the latest greatest to me.

  • Burge

    By the looks of it Apple are going to support these phones for 3 years, than thay are out of date. iPhone last update was 3.1.3 and looks like the iPhone 3G is not going to go beyond 4.x.x, the iPhone 3GS looks like it’s not going beyond 5.x.x, so iPhone 4 owners out there your time will come on 6.x.x.. These phones have got a used by date and after 3years you should of updated your phone. But Apple should of stop selling the 3G long ago.

    • I think a more honest question to be; why didn’t Apple design the idevices before the 3gs’ with hardware to support future software. There are, many things to consider. First, everyone must understand that the reason their software is not supported is because their phones do not have the hardware to run these features. It technically can, but then Apple would receive complaints from 3g owners about how there devices are running slow. We’ve seen this with the recent release of iOS4. 3G owners are complaining about the functionality of their device, yet they don’t even have the full features of iOS4, but they still want them. From Apples perspective, they are building revolutionary devices. A question to ask yourself is, do you think Apple should hinder their production of revolutionary hardware for the sake of everyone who owned their previous devices who can’t support the newer software. This is not directed at @Burge. This is in reply to his statement, but a general cover of the iOS issue.

      • Burge

        I agree with what you put, but when the 3G came out that was the state of the art phone, since then the 3GS became top phone ( faster ), but with the iPhone 4 the software on it has been made better and faster. It’s not a case of the old phones not being able to handle the new software but more of a case of the phones where not made to handle this new software when there where made. Even though a jailbreak can switch them on. Like I said the 3G should of been but to rest a year before the iPhone 4 came out. These new phones have better insides than the first phones (hardware/software) thay run the software different to the first phones and thay can handle the newer upgrades. But time will tell when ios5 comes out and us 3GS user start to moan about the phone running slow

  • appletiser

    by design the iPhone is more than just your average, common, cheap, mobile throw away. folks invest hard earned cash and expect support from apple for their loyalty. i know many 3G owners who are seriously pissed at this news.

  • Kupalogz

    Seriously, to the people who still have iPhone 3G and expect apple to give them something good for their super old phone either buy new iphone 3gs/4 or get lost.

  • Jason masters

    Lol I love this site the arguments are priceless!

    • Burge

      Good fun init !

  • Vincent

    While I would be a little surprised, Apple is still MUCH better than all the other manufactures when it comes to support. With iPhone, you get 3 years of firmware and feature updates because Apple has kept strict control over their software. They actually care enough about the customers not to alienate them a year later by ending support because they would rather you buy a new phone (Yes, looking at you specifically Samsung)

  • Spaz

    And what if you cant afford to upgrade your apple product?

    • Burge

      Then it’s the end of the road for you. After 18/24 months would you not upgrade a nokia/Samsung/ or any other phone ?

  • xMort

    I hope we will still be able to download apps which are using Game center. Otherwise it would be huge problem.

  • Burge

    After 3 years of updates you should count yourself lucky, as most phones are obsolete after 2 years, and you would upgrade after 2 years anyway. Beleave me or not these phones can not last for ever and thay will need replacing with better faster phones. ( iPhones of cause)

  • Sorry for the 3g phone owners, but i think game center will be awesome

  • Adam Fox

    I do know that Apple LIES on alot of their statements….like when they said the 2G had hardware limitations on MMS, that was a lie b/c SwirlyMMS was doing photo messaging long before MMS was even announced on iPhone, then when they made MMS hack for the 2G iphone…then they said the 3G couldn’t do background wallpapers and multi-tasking, again, there was a hack for that….they LIE about what things can and can’t do, instead of just saying “it will NOT be a feature of this version iPhone”….they shouldn’t say its a hardware limitation!

  • Wii1i

    i love my 3g, but i think with a lot of apple limitation on the new software, i will upgrade @ iphone 5… that will more wisely than upgrade it now

  • Willy1560

    What I am really pissed about is that they are going to stop supporting my 3G before my contract with AT&T runs out…that’s just Bullsh@%.

  • Gee Sup

    its a money making scheme so you hav to buy a new iphone

  • luka


  • luka