This week Apple will release the iOS version 4.1 for the iPhone. If our calculations are correct the newest version of the mobile operating system will be hitting iTunes on Wednesday, September 8th.

The last couple of updates from Apple haven’t been anything to write home about. Version 4.0.1 simply addressed the algorithm while the antenna issue was flooding the news wire. After that, version 4.0.2 basically just patched up a security issue that Apple left exposed. As far as actual tangible features both refreshes were pretty dull at best…

This time around (supposedly) promises some glimmer and glitz for our iPhone. Steve Jobs listed the bulk of the additions that will be coming our way at the Apple event so click here if you need a refresh. With real features in the mix this time I wonder if the mentioned abilities will leave you clicking the “download and install” tab when you plug your iPhone into your computer.

I won’t be adding the new OS to my device. As I reported on Thursday, I recently reentered the jailbreak community and I don’t see enough reasons to abandon my alliance.

This is iDB’s formal warning to those of a novice level regarding jailbreaking that if you wish to maintain your status as hacked, you should wait for the Dev Team to announce a new jailbreak before updating the operating system. How much do you want to bet that someone still does it?

Are you confident that the proximity sensor will be fixed or are you convinced by our article that the speed of your iPhone 3G will be restored? Are HDR capabilities enough for your to ditch your jailbreak or are you like me in the sense that you’ve found an app or two that suffice just fine? Maybe you just enjoy the cat and mouse game so much that you’ll update immediately and then complain about the Dev Team taking too long to offer a new crack.

Whatever your scenario is we’d love to hear about it. Will you be among those updating your iPhone to iOS 4.1? Are you waiting for the Dev Team or still on the fence about jailbreaking and want to keep your options open? Give us your two cents in the comments below.

  • I’m a long time jailbreaker. I updated my iPhone 4 to 4.1 simply because of the HDR function. It’s quite great. Also, all the bugs from 4.0 are gone like the wind.

    • doctorX


      I´m from Brazil and I bought an iPhone 4 in Canada – it come with bradband 1.59-00 and ios 4.0.1.
      With no-imei simcard I jaibreaked it and putted on work with my local cell phone operator.
      Just 2 days after that suddelly it stop working and locked at appe initial page for a long time.
      The only way to get it back was putting in DFU and going up to 4.1 trought iTunes 10.
      After that you already know the problem – I couldn´t work with my local simcard anymore !!!
      Jailbreak still no working for 4.1 and I´m not be able to downgrade (maybe ´cause I´m stupid) since the full process to up to 4.1 get bradband 02.10.04 that doen´t allow me to downgrade to 4.0.1 that is fine (even with some new functions not working).
      Do you have some idea ?

      THX and REGARDS !!!

  • DRSZ24ss

    Game center and HDR are nice features to have, but if you’re an iPhone 4 owner, the proximity sensor fix should be the main reason to upgrade to iOS 4.1 and lose the jailbreak. Afterall, it’s only temporary since the Dev Team will have a jailbreak soon enough, hopefully.

  • Spaz

    i updated to 4.1 but soon went back as i foounf that it didnt havent the HDR feature, and game center for iphone 3g, i was willing to give up the jailbreak for thoses but have gone back now as they wasnt there!!

  • Burge

    Best to wait, the dev team might just decide to wait for 4.2, you can not rely on them coming through evey time. But you never know because thay have iPhone 4s aswell and thay wont

  • rhoddy01

    Waiting for the Jailbreak before updating. HDR Photos would have been a draw for me but I can wait on that. Game Center is also no big deal for me. The fixes and speed increases would be nice but, if anything, I’ve learned to be patient being a Apple customer.
    I love the series or Infini apps in Cydia (Infiniboard, Dock, and Folders) They are incredible UI tweaks that I refuse to live without. Gridlock was a nice app til I found out it disables Infiniboard. Apple seems to be losing its edge when it comes to simple UI design. Multiflow is such a nice, sexy multitasking app, and I’m getting tired of Apple adding real features to their products months down the road when these “improvements” should have been in the launch of the product.

  • Burge

    Best to wait, the dev team might just decide to wait for 4.2, you can not rely on them coming through evey time. But you never know because thay have iPhone 4s aswell and thay wont the same things you do.

    • Z

      Waiting = losing profits
      It’s only logical to have a 4.1 jailbreak. I’m counting on it since that means 3G phones are potential app buyers. Good for jailbreak app developers.
      However, till I see the jailbreak for 4.1 with my own eyes, I’m sticking with 4.0.1 =)

      • Burge

        I agree, but the iPad update is after the iPhone one and apple might patch the hole. And the for the dev team will need to find another hole just for the iPad. And that hole could of been used on a later iPhone update, as you can see this is going round in circles. But you get the idea

      • Z

        I can’t remember which movie with Robert De Niro it was, but had to do with safe cracking. And he said that any safe has been put together somehow, so there is always a way to take it apart. And yes, I see your point. Don’t follow the iPad scene – don’t own one, so didn’t think iPhone and iPad were related.

      • Burge

        Got same OS, so same hole.

  • Cecilia

    I won’t be updating, like you, I have jailbreak my phone and I’m using the tethering capabilities thru Mi Wi so there’s no way I’m upgrading until new jailbreak is out

  • Destructor

    I had to jailbreak my old 3G to unlock it from Telstra, who wanted to charge $150 to unlock it here in Aus. So I have to wait for 4.1 to be jailbroken before I can get the speed problems on my 3G (which are pretty intense) fixed up.

  • Eldaria

    When there is a Jailbreak for 4.1 I will upgrade, just as I waited to upgrade to iOS4 untill there were a Jailbreak.

  • Marco

    I’ll wait

    Just for the simple reason that i need the unlock after jailbreaking because my iphone 3gs is not factory unlockt.

    Besides that, i cant imagine using my iphone with just the limited options apple gives me, i dont wanna miss al my fav jailbreak app’s like sbsettings, my3g, lockscreen improvements and many more

  • Francesco

    Well thank god it’s coming that’s good news cuz then we all knowthen new line if iPod will be coming out 🙂 well and I’ll try the new update because then I could go back to ios 3.1.2, 4.0, and don’t knw why I updated it to 4.0.2 well and I’ll know I always have a mattress to fall on when updating ma iPod touch to new firmware I’ll miss ma jailbreak when I get the new iPod touh 4th Gen

  • appletiser

    not for me. I would only be updating for the pseudo HDR option but as im hacked and already use a HDR app there’s no need (:

  • akag9

    I’ll wait for jailbreak. Game center has zero appeal. Prox. sensor – let’s see if they fixed it first. HDR pics… Folks so exited about it that “can’t wait to try Apple’s new invention” – come on, $1.99 gets you Pro HDR. It does all Apple promised and most likely is better since it allows some manual tone mapping. If Jobs said Google Voice and Latitude will confuse users, manual controls surely will put them into coma… So, HDR is here, today and it works. $1.99.
    As for 3G, I wiped mine clean, disabled Spotlight and have 4.0.1 on it. My kid uses it to play some app store games ( he uses Android G1 as his phone). Works fine.

    • appletiser

      yes! a definite vote for Pro HDR too. even though something seems to have gone awry with the latest update, ie slightly washed out images compared to previous versions, this offers everything and more than what apple’s does.

  • Sotiris

    Currently I am on 4.0.1 jailbreaked on an iphone 4. I will update to 4.1 as soon as the jailbreak for it hits the internet…

  • Dani

    Im gonna wait for the jailbreak!
    coz where i live u cant use iphone if its not unlocked =(

  • Jon Garrett

    I wont be updating until for two very important reasons.

    1. I will wait until there’s a jailbreak before I update
    2. I will wait until the Cydia apps that I love most are also compatible with 4.1

    I wont get stuck again like I did updating from 3.1.3 on my 3G to 4.0 and have my phone loose 70% of its functionality.

    • Eric

      4.1 on a 3G will rock again. I’ve seen demos on YouTube. It’s like your 3G is new again.

    • Burge

      The apps that work on 4.0/4.0.1 will work on 4.1 it’s not a complete upgrade like ios 4.0 was from 3.1.3

  • Eric

    Just got home yesterday with new iPhone 4 on 4.0.2 so I’ll be updating. This thing us blazing fast but I do miss my 3G, that’s right not 3GS, jailbroken. Sbsettings. 3G unrestrictor (so important). Infinifolders. Infinidock. IP4 is worth it as is though. Thus thing kicks ass.

    • October

      I heard that since u don’t have an option if it is shipped that way u can call apple care and they will downgrade u… Do a search, it’s definitely being talked about…

  • October

    I’ll be updating as I haven’t been able to effectively downgrade from 4.0.2, so I’ll have to wait til the jailbreak comes out for 4.1, no rush, though I do hope it’s soon : )

  • BS

    The only reason I would do it is I use Bluetooth all time in the car and office. Bluetooth connection on 3GS was perfect and now this lovely iPhone 4 won’t connect well to anything! I really hope they’ve fixed it, if they have I will update. Can wait a few months for themes and multiflow.

  • iphone 3Gs4

    I will immediately upgrade to 4.1 for my iphone 4 bcoz I just use my iphone 4 as a normal phone without jailbreak it… while my 2nd iphone 3Gs are fully jailbreak and installed a lot of apps mainly for entertainment purpose.. 🙂

  • Like many other people, I’m going to wait for jailbreak.

  • DomPerignon

    Are you kidding me? I don’t think that iOS 4.1 is going to make my jailbroken iPhone 4 any better. I am going to wait for most of my apps to be bugs free before updating.

  • TG

    I’ll be waiting for a Jailbreak, but the gamecenter and HDR are quite nice.

  • I’ll be waiting for the Jailbreak for iOS 4.1 before I upgrade to 4.1. The new features in 4.1 sound good, but I’m in no hurry to update. I love my jailbroken iPhone 4. The jailbroken apps I have downloaded are amazing and well worth keeping!

  • Kev

    Agree with someone earlier. Not only waiting for jailbreak but compatibility with jailbreak apps I need too. Not in a rush this time.

  • xMort

    Jailbreak is nice but I will update my 3G imideately because it’s almost in unusable state right now 🙁

  • Mark

    Any update could be better than whats out right now. I’ve had nothing but problems with my iPhone 4 but I will wait to see if there will be a jailbreak for 4.0.2.

    • Burge

      There wont be a jailbreak for 4.0.2, but the one for 4.1 might work for it , then you might as well be on 4.1

  • Anoymous

    Hey if I do a upgrade from 4.0.2 to 4.1 then will I have to activate my phone through the phonebook sim card again? I don’t have the original AT&T sim card. Any help will be greatly appreciated. =)

  • BabylonX

    I own a 3GS with an old bootrom so I guess the jailbreak for me is going to be available very fast. I will not be upgrading if no jailbreak is available but chances are that there will be programs able to create pwned firmware images a few days later from the release date. Even if I don’t upgrade, I will definitely keep my shsh on file as soon as 4.1 is out.

    I am currently on 4.0 with sn0wbreeze and I love it!

  • I reali don’t know if I will immediately upgrade to 4.1, but I’ve heard about the Bluetooth improvements which finally will let me drive the IPhone with my car remote buttons.

  • Teddy

    I definitely support 4.1 will jailbreak because my iphone4 is on 4.0.2 ,I want to cry everynight! I wish the dev team will fix it ..

  • Pissy3GUser

    If our calculations are correct the newest version of the mobile operating system will be hitting iTunes on Wednesday, September 8th.

    Get a better calculator….

  • BS

    If jailbreaking is legal, why is Apple allowed to close the exploits?

    • Burge

      It’s legal, but that doesn’t mean apple have to make it easy for jailbreaking.

  • rac1979

    4.1 Available 19:30 CAT via itunes………… Im downloading as we speak!

  • fuck os4,1 it locked ma phone what i ll do now

  • kitchii

    hi. i upgraded my iphone 4 to o.s 4.1, and now, the app store icon is gone. and all my 44 applications. how do i get my app store icon back? it was replaced with game center HELP ME PLEASE

    • anas

      the app store icon did not go, it is moved to new menu screen

  • kris

    i have iPhone 3g,,i accidentally update it to version 4.1 but now i only used it as an itouch..i can’t use my simcard.. i already went to istore here in the philippines but still they dont have the updates..pls help!