Ever feel frustrated that you can’t arrange your iPhone apps icons the way you want on your springboard? Then relax because we’ve got the solution for you. It’s called Gridlock.

Gridlock is a new jailbreak application by developers Chpwn and P0sixNinja that lets you rearrange your icons any way you want them to be, simply by dragging and dropping them.

No more need for annoying blank icons! Gridlock is fully compatible with most icon tweaks: Infinidock, Infinifolders, Iconoclasm, and FiveIRows (in addition to many more not listed here).

Gridlock is available from Cydia for $0.99. Have you installed it yet? What do you think?

  • Ethan

    In risk of being called a bunch of names, this should be free. Flame away.

  • This is a very useful app for theme designers, no more iblanks yay!!!!!!

  • Eric

    Agreed. Iblanks is free and not at all annoying. Takes seconds.

  • Burge

    Have you tried to use this ? When you wont to put a app somewhere it goes somewhere else. It’s a good idear but it annoying

    • Z

      Takes time to get used to, I agree.
      It also doesn’t work on the dock, where with iBlanks it’s no problem.

  • Would someone please explain to me why 99¢ is way too much to pay for an application, good or bad?

    I really want to understand the reasoning behind why people complain about iPhone apps that are not free.

    I fully understand why developers want to make a few dollars off of their hard work. As a developer myself, I can see a reason for giving away software and for charging for it.

    This app is a perfect example. There is a free utility that allows you to do what this app does, but it has some issues that could be frustrating. This app “supposedly” eliminates these issues making the utility of the app quite useful. If GridLock performs correctly, why not pay the 99¢ and save the headaches?

    Seriously, I’m curious.

    • Z

      Dave, I’ll explain to you.
      When there is an app like iblank that’s available to public for free, someone takes the idea and charges 0.99$ for it. You are absolutely right, what’s 1 dollar for one person, or even FROM one person. Think of how many jailbroken iPhones there are and how many would pay 99c. Get the point? Same with all the tweaks for ios 4. Majority of them are paid. So what happened between FW 3.x and 4.x? The only thing I notice is that almost all the FREE tweaks that are available for FW 3.x are now PAID for iOS4.

      Jailbreaking is becoming a more and more profitable business. That’s all I can say.

      • Austin

        I miss the days when I bought an iPod touch 2g right when it came out, jailbroke it and saw all those wonderful cydia apps free of charge. I hate that now you have to pay for all if them.

        I’m not against spending $1 for an app, hey I bought doodle jump. It’s just annoying because if it was 1 year ago it would be free.

  • I find it annoying that people complain about paying for apps in Cydia. Think about all the time that goes into these apps. I am happy to pay for Cydia apps when it supports the devs. Would you work for nothing? If so I have some work for you!!

  • Burge

    Ok so you are willing to pay for apps ! There was a app on 3.x.x that was paid now has that app been made to work on 4.0.x ….NO so do the people get there cash back , I doubt it. If you pay for a app it should get upgraded to the new firmware. ( this is the only app I know of, but that’s not the point )

  • Wow, I mean really, wow…

    So, you folks are willing to pay $199 or $299 to upgrade your phone to the latest and greatest, including extending your contract with AT&T another 2 years totaling near $3,000. Yet you are not willing to pay 99¢ for an app that may or may not be updated to the next FW release? Amazing!

    How about doctors? Do you complain to them when you have to pay $20 to $40 per office visit just to have him tell you to rest and drink plenty of fluids? Or how about paying BP to fill your gas tank every week or so?

    No problem with those examples, yet you whine about paying 99¢ to someone who spent weeks if not months researching a “tweak” to iOS to make using your phone easier.

    @Z: Maybe iBlank/GridLock is a bad example since there is a free alternative. That said, nothing is forcing you to pay the 99¢ GridLock is asking since iBlank is free.

    As far as FW 3.x tweaks being free and 4.x not, I would suggest that the developers are feeling more and more confident with their work such that they feel it’s time to start making money for the hard work they have put into getting those tweaks into our hands.

    If I were first starting out developing either a tweak or an App Store app, I would probably start with a couple of free apps to make sure that patrons know who I am and find my stuff useful. Then I would start creating apps that cost money.

    I don’t know if you folks work for a living or live with your parents or what, but as someone who lives in a house that I purchased. Making payments to the mortgage company is very important. When your only source of income is the money coming in from apps sold on an iPhone, (not my choice at all, thank you screwed up economy), one finds it very disturbing that there are people out there that are unwilling to pay a meer 99¢ for something they find useful.

    • Burge

      I live in the UK so I will not spend any thing like you said.
      I pay for some app form cydia or app store from 3.0.x days and it doesn’t work on 4.0 then I have been ripped off. Because I’ve paid for something that no longer works ! and the developer should of put a message on there App saying it will not get update for next firmware,
      I pay a mortgage just like you and can not throw money away for a app that might not work after a upgrade.
      Befor you say it’s only 99 cents. How many apps do I have to download before it’s to much

  • @Burge: I have just over 2,500 apps downloaded from the App Store. Of those, I would say a good 1,200+ are paid apps. I also have apps I have purchased from Cydia. Even some that didn’t work to start with, hoping that the developers would fix them, and in one case (Auto Silent) they did.

    The apps that you purchased from the 3.x days, didn’t they work as advertised? Did they help you use your phone better than if you hadn’t purchased them? If not, then I would say you were ripped off. Otherwise, you purchased an app, it did its job and you should be happy.

    As to apps in Cydia that don’t work now with 4.x when they worked in 3.x and the developers haven’t fixed them yet. I can’t speak for them, but you are purchasing apps that use undocumented API calls, that Apple doesn’t approve of. So, if for some reason they don’t work now and are never fixed, its a risk you take purchasing them.

    No one is forcing you to purchase apps, either from Cydia or the App Store. You vote for how you feel about a product by purchasing it. If you like it or want it, you purchase it. If you don’t want to pay money for an app in Cydia, then don’t. Live without the tweak/hack. You have been up until now, you probably can afterward.

    Installing cracked software, whether from the Cydia app store or Apple’s App Store, is a very risky business. Its completely possible that the person who cracked the app has placed a small payload into the app in the form of a virus or, heaven forbid, a trojan that could do God knows what to your phone. Is getting a 99¢ app for free really worth that kind of risk?