What is it lately with stupid criminals and the iPhone? This week alone iDB reported that a man left his device at the scene of robbery and another instance of a woman texting about her crimes from her beloved phone.

Today’s entry comes from my home state of Wisconsin. Madison police report that 19 year old Jamal Jackson heisted two iPhones from the local West Town Mall in the capital city. Both phones were armed with Apple’s MobileMe feature of Find My iPhone which led Jackson to be tracked to a nearby PDQ convenience store where he apparently stopped his van to gas up…

Madison police released the following statement regarding the apprehension of the novice thief:

The phones were showing up as blue dots on a computer screen. The officer saw the blue dots come to a rest in what appeared to be the lot of a PDQ store.

Eye witness description combined with the GPS tracking information from Find My iPhone led police directly to Jackson’s van, which after search yielded both of the stolen iPhones. Next time Jamal, gas up your get-a-way vehicle before you decide to rob someone. A crash course in the technology of the device wouldn’t hurt either.

Dare I ask, have you any thoughts?


  • NYPD

    He should have turned location settings off and restored later.
    Isn’t this what Apple is going to prevent with it’s patent on user identification and remote kill?

  • Ha

    You from Madison too?!? Woah! But ya that’s a great feature for those that pays for it

  • Burge

    Muppet , comes to mind

  • Mark Lamerton

    Find My iPhone works in a civilised country where the police will actually help you and are interested in reducing crime, but in many parts of the world this isn’t the case. I was attacked a few weeks ago by three guys in Bangkok. After knocking me to the ground they ran off with my iPhone. iPhones in Thailand are considerably more expensive than in the US.

    The next day I could see where the phone was, but not it’s exact location. A couple days later, it disappeared, having presumably been wiped clean. Reporting stolen property here in Thailand is a task in itself, since police are rude and reluctant to fill out any documentation – it distracts them from eating or watching TV. I decided not to report the theft and will not be replacing my iPhone.

  • Steve Blows Jobs

    almost safe to say stupid people use iPhone

  • Satan the Devil

    Hahahhahahah too bad!!!! You got your beautiful iPhone stolen. You lose!!! Hahahahhaha!!!